Five Helpful Anatomy Apps for Massage Therapists (and Students)

Whether you are just starting as a massage student are are already a therapist, there is no reason to be overwhelmed by anatomy. Why? Because technology affords today’s bodyworkers so many mobile resources.

Here are some of our favorite anatomy apps for massage therapists and students, alike!

learn anatomy for massage therapists

Learn Muscles: Anatomy Quiz and Reference by RealBodywork

This app is a reference, testing and education tool that includes 120 beautiful muscle images with name, action, origin, insertion, comments and videos. The app also includes 16 flash card style multiple choice quizzes over the muscles – 480 randomized questions in all, so you can practice over and over!

This is one of three anatomy apps on this that can be especially helpful to massage students while are in school – though no other app (at the time of compiling of this article) offers practice quizzes.

PalpationMapp by Books of Discovery (Trail Guide to the Body)

This mobile anatomy application is a detailed guide to identifying and palpating 91 muscles. Additionally, the videos in this app are based on content from the Trail Guide to the Body, a common textbook in massage schools nationwide.

This apps for anatomy is another that will be especially helpful to massage students as they are learning about the body, its structure and how to manipulate it.

Anatomy in Motion by Mografi

This app includes 450+ flash cards, 225 muscles and 100 animations, plus note taking capabilities. If you really want to study, it also includes medical board-level study questions, which could be either overkill or really useful for the MBLEX and other state licensing exams.

This is the final anatomy app in this list for massage therapists while they are in school. The flash cards and animations make it a stand out among the others.

Brain & Nervous System Pro III

This application features multiple views on the transverse, sagittal and coronal planes of the brain with comprehensive references for the central and peripheral nervous system. If you want to learn even more, it includes animations to reference for functional anatomy.

This mobile anatomy app will expand your ability to learn about the nervous system and, as a massage therapist, track down tricky neurological patterns in your clients.

Muscle Trigger Point Anatomy by RealBodyworkanatomy apps for massage therapists provide visual reference

A reference tool for the most common trigger points (100+) and referral patterns for over 70 muscles. It includes a 360 view of the body plus, trigger point location and muscle action, origin, insertion and comments.

This anatomy app for massage therapists is not only a helpful tool for learning about trigger points in school, but also as an aide in pinpointing client pain in your practice.

As you research anatomy applications for your massage education and eventual practice, you will notice not all are both iOS and Android compatible. Good luck!

What are your favorite mobile anatomy apps for massage therapists? Share in the comments below.

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