People used to think massage just facilitated circulation.  But there have been enormous advances in this field and in massage education.  Now some of greatest teachers are showing us that tension is released in the muscles and their connective tissues, by intelligent, science- informed touch and quality of contact – not by quantity of pressure or through circulatory work.

Beginning with the great teacher, ida Rolf, PhD. the connective tissues of the body – also called “fascia” – have been identified as the “organ of structure”.  Because, just like the segments and skin of a grapefruit, our bodies’ organs and segments are all surrounded and to some extent get their shape from fascia.  These connective tissues form a grand interconnected network – fascia is actually called “bindegwebe” “binding web” in German.   This three-dimensional binding web is in turn connected to the nervous system which creates the tension and relaxation throughout the muscles and fascia.

One of Ida Rolf’s first students was a Bill M. Williams who taught for years in Florida. In turn his most famous student is George Kousaleos who founded the Core Institute in Tallahassee in 1990.  The Core Institute trained over 1,200 individuals in a 650-hour entry level licensure program and Mr. Kousaleos has been teaching world-wide ever since – in US, Canada, England, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Australia.

We at TLC are truly lucky to have George come here and teach the first Certification Training in Texas in Core Myofascial Therapy.  It is divided into two parts to faciliate therapists’ schedule and integration of this advanced material – April 20-22 and May 11-13.  Here is the link to register for this pathbreaking training –