Tips & Tricks to Empower Your Massage Clients: Self-Massage for the Wrists

Educating Your Clients in Self-care is a Powerful Way to Support Their Health – and Your Business

We put together this video as a tool to share with your massage clients to help them understand how to perform self-massage for the wrists and feel empowered to help manage their own aches and pains between sessions with you, their massage therapist.

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Here are some additional resources to share with your massage clients – and you:

  1. 5 Self-Care Exercises: Hands + Wrists by AMTA.
  2. Self-care Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Forearm, Wrist, Hand Part 1 with Dr. Ben Benjamin. (A more advanced resource helpful to both therapist and, potentially, the motivated client.)
  3. How to Massage Hands and How to Release Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Massage Therapy by WikiHow (A great resource because of the helpful images that are easy for clients to relate to.)

What are your favorite tips and tricks when it comes to self-massage for the wrists? Share in the comments.

Happy massaging!