Contact First Name: Dr James
Contact Last Name: Mercer
Phone: (512) 782-0729
Company Name: Botox Bar & Med Spa
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Closing Date: 10/01/2022
Job Title: Massage Therapist
Job Description: Massage Therapist Job Description:
Top Duties and Qualifications
A Massage Therapist, or Massage Practitioner, is responsible for providing relaxation or treating body pain and discomfort through physical touch and moving a client’s muscles. Their duties include meeting with clients to determine the type of massage they needs, creating a relaxing ambiance in their office and kneading or rubbing muscles to release tension. 

Massage Therapist Duties and Responsibilities
A massage therapist is responsible for treating clients through soft tissue manipulation while maintaining a safe and relaxing experience. The therapist should be good at perceiving client wishes and needs through spoken language, body language and other cues and modifying their treatments accordingly. They usually report to the owner or manager of the business.

Here are some typical duties and responsibilities of a massage therapist.

Provide 30-60 minute massages to clients by appointment
Guide clients through service offerings and determine which massages would benefit them most
Take a detailed client history and note any health conditions
Evaluate clients to determine painful or stressed areas of the body
Advise clients on stretching, strengthening or relaxation methods
Suggest future massage appointments and regime to clients
Listen to clients during appointments and adjust technique as they desire