Contact First Name: Kyra
Contact Last Name: Matos
Phone: (512) 540-5827
Company Name: Mantis Massage, LLC
Company Website:
How would you like to receive inquiries?: Website
Closing Date: 07/04/2022
Job Title: Corrective Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
Job Description: We’re looking for a therapist that wants to problem solve pain and tension patterns in the body. You must be curious! You must dig in to the tissue looking for what it is that is causing your client discomfort. You must have the skills and experience to know how to identify musculoskeletal issues and resolve them. You must feel comfortable creating a treatment plan for each of your clients. We do not SELL treatment plans to our clients or push them into anything they are not looking for. But each of our clients has made a time and financial investment in their body when coming to see us and you need to be there for them. YOU are the healthcare provider they came to and you must show up for them with excellent skills, a willingness to create a treatment plan, at home care recommendations, etc.