OPAL Movement Therapy

Contact First Name:Morgan
Contact Last Name:Riggins
Phone:(512) 222-8220
Company Name:OPAL Movement Therapy
Company Website:www.opalmovementtherapy.com
How would you like to receive inquiries?:Email
Closing Date (mm/dd/yy) – May not extended past 6mo from today.:03/1/24
Job Title:Massage Therapist
Job Description:I am physical therapist and owner of OPAL Movement Therapy, which is an orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance clinic in Pflugerville. Our office is located within a gym with 150 members. 

We are looking to bring a massage therapist onto our team. Our ideal candidate likes working with active adults 30-70 years old and offers sports, deep tissue, recovery, and therapeutic massages. This is an independent contractor role to rent the space and take home 60-75% of paid services.