Contact First Name: Michell
Contact Last Name: Conner
Phone: (512) 663-4233
Company Name: Viva Day Spa
Company Website:
How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date: 10/11/2021
Job Title: ACL VIP & PLATINUM Tents 2 chairs, 3 LMTs a shift
Job Description: We offer massage in the VIP and Platinum tents both weekends at ACL. $10 an hour plus tips (this used to be volunteer only) AC bathrooms, free drinks, shaded area, crew VIP or Platinum pass for the day. Free music. Fun environment. AM or PM. 4 hour shifts. 11-3pm and 3-7pm (arrival 30 min prior to shift) This event isn’t a big money maker, big pay off is the music pass for the day. Only a few spots left. 1st weekend Friday AMx2 Friday PMx3 Sunday PMx1. 2nd weekend Friday AMx2 Friday PMx2