Contact First Name: Frances
Contact Last Name: Meeks-Bermoy
Phone: (512) 550-5890
Company Name: True Zen Therapy
Company Website: AND
How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date: 03/31/23
Job Title: Looking for new Owner immediately.
Job Description: I am the Sole owner/Operator of True Zen Therapy LLC, est. In 2020. Started from renting a tiny room at Mind Body Yoga to leasing a gorgeous studio along Anderson Mill Road/183. Painted, fully furnished and supplied tiny little spa of mine that is ready to take a new owner on.( Basically handing down a 5 star business with clientele and growing. I’m moving to the Philippines and would love to pass down my business, with over 300+ 5 star ratings/reviews. Rated #1 ClassPass partner and massage.