First Name: Camila
Last Name: Joseph
Phone: (512) 217-6044
Company Name: cedars events center
Company Website:

How would you like to receive inquiries?: Phone
Closing Date: none
Job Title: private therapist
Job Type: Room Rental (not a gig)

Job Description:

I own a small event center / studio in Pflugerville. I have time available from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. for someone interested in doing private massage therapy there. I Have several partitions that can be put up to create as small or as large a space as needed. In my studio we do have other types of goings on like exercise class dance class etctera and I would like to bring on someone to do private messages as well and customers can come to this location. I would start at $375 per month. Thank you for your consideration.