Advanced Program Information Kit

2020 Class Schedule

  •  Dates: TBD
  • Schedule: Mondays only – generally 10am-5pm
  • Total hours: 250

We find this class schedule is sustainable for working, licensed massage therapists who want to maximize their earning potential during the latter part of the week and weekends.

Do You Need to Advance Your Massage Education?

If you are wondering whether you need to continue your massage education, for most massage therapists the answer is yes. Always.
Check out this infographic for our thoughts about the benefits of an advanced education in massage therapy.

10 Reasons to Advance Your Massage Education

  1. Create results. An average of 43% percent of adult Americans receive massage for medical or health reasons such as pain management, soreness/stiffness/spasms, and injury rehabilitation. Clinical massage techniques will give you the tools to truly problem-solve and provide lasting results for your clients suffering from acute or chronic pain.
  2. Fine tune your skills. Work smarter not harder! Your professionalism and therapeutic effectiveness will be increased dramatically by honing your ability to assess, palpate, and treat a variety of the most common conditions clients struggle with today.
  3. Deepen your mindfulness. Learn how to utilize holistic therapies which deeply effect you and your client’s nervous systems. Training in Zero Balancing will heighten your ability to facilitate profound states of relaxation and healing.
  4. Diversify your services and develop your brand. Being able to offer more modalities means more opportunities to network with clients from a wide variety of demographics with a myriad of therapeutic goals.
  5. Expand your knowledge of traditional bodywork modalities. Gaining a foundational knowledge of the traditional acupuncture meridians used in Shiatsu will broaden your horizons and bring awareness of Eastern modalities into your work.
  6. Deepen your mind-body connection. Gaining knowledge of the Psychology of Bodywork will aid you in better understanding how our mental state plays a key role in our physical structure. Study the mind-body connection and support your clients in healing from head to toe!
  7. Make your work stand out! In addition to gaining skills in all of the modalities listed above, there will be additional time spent weaving these modalities together crafting the kind of work which cultivates repeat business and therapist longevity.
  8. Enable self-employment. Your pursuit towards knowledge and your dedication to your passion will enable you to establish yourself as a resource for your community and allow you to expand your private practice as your primary source of business.
  9. Charge more per session. You go above and beyond to bring every client the peace of mind and body they deserve. Give this gift to yourself and manifest abundance in your professional life by charging what you deserve to be paid.
  10. Embody work/life balance. Take the time to make your work count so you can disconnect from the rushing stream of events. Continue your education and bring your goals to fruition so you can live your best life.

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