Barefoot Massage


Barefoot Massage

with Jeni Spring

Sunday, April 29

9am to 5pm

7CEs - **$225 ($195 early registration til 4/6)

**10% discount for TLC students/faculty/alumni**


About the Workshop

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is a growing niche in the profession that utilizes your feet as massage tools, rather than hands, while your body weight and gravity effortlessly provides your client with deeper than deep pressure as you apply slow, controlled myofascial release techniques. In this introductory "FasciAshi" class, you will learn specific barefoot massage protocols for the clients upper body with them in prone, side lying and supine positions, while the massage therapist works from a seated position. 

You will learn how to use different aspects of your feet and leg weight as tools to apply deep tissue, trigger point, fascial stretch and release techniques in the cervical spine, thoracics and shoulder comlex - in some cases massaging with your feet and hands simultaneously! The goal of this class is to introduce you to a new tool to use in your massage practice for clients who need deeper, more sustained pressure than you may be able to comfortably apply with your hands. Our intent is to promote healthy, curious exploration into manipulating clients soft tissue with our feet and hands to gainconfidence while working in a seated position before requiring the therapist to stand and balance on a massage table. No extra equipment is needed - just a sense of adventure, your favorite massage table, a barstool, and a sturdy wall behind your back for support. 

This is a bar-less protocol that does not require the use of overhead Ashiatsu bars, and it allows you to remain seated the entire session. 

About the Instructor:

Jeni Spring, Barefoot Massage

Jeni Spring is a 2002 graduate from Seattle Massage School. Owner of Heeling Sole and a creative force behind the Center for Barefoot Massage's FasciAshi technique. She has massaged with her feet since 2003 and has taught Ashiatsu since 2009.