Deep Massage of the Iliopsoas

with David Lauterstein

Sunday, January 22, 2023

10am –5pm

6 CE's - $160**  

**Early Registration Discount**

ONLY $130 if you register before December 22, 2022

Workshop Description:

Deep Massage for the Iliopsoas will focus on this key muscle and its related synergists and antagonists. Deep Massage -The Lauterstein Method utilizes anatomical clarity and quality of touch, instead of heavy pressure. So participants will learn relatively gentle ways to contact the structure and energy of the iliopsoas as well as its neighbors: rectus abdominis, the diaphragm, quadratus lumborum and gluteus maximus.

The iliopsoas is one of the deepest core muscles and was noted by Ida Rolf as being, between its two layers, the home for the lumbar plexus of the nervous system. Thus, it plays a key role in posture, movement and communicates with all the muscles of the lower body and sends sensory input to the brain as well. Spend a fascinating day learning how to work more clearly with this important muscle and its neighbors.

The iliopsoas is basically the ONLY muscle that connects the upper and lower half of the body. It houses within itself the lumbar plexus of the nervous system. It is the main muscle that initiates each forward step you take. It is the muscle most identified with the intrinsic muscles of our body's core.  In this class you will learn to apply greater anatomical clarity here through deep massage techniques that will profoundly affect both this area and the overall structure and energy of the person.

In this class you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the anatomy of the iliopsoas:
    • its connection to the lumbar plexus of the nervous system
    • its relevance to the movement and health of the back muscles, the abdomen, and the hips
    • its role in support of spinal health
  • Learn an effective therapeutic procotol to work sensitively and effectively with the psoas and the iliacus muscles:
    • deep massage for the psoas
    • active movement therapy for the iliopsoas muscle and tendon
    • seated work with the iliacus
    • integrating the iliopsoas work with work for the lower back muscles and rectus abdominis.
  • Learn important stretches, yoga asanas, and breathing exercises to promote the health of your own and your clients’ core musculature.
  • Learn about and discuss the energetic role of the psoas in being centered, grounded, and balanced.

About the Instructor:


David Lauterstein, LMT, MTI, Cert. ZB, TLC School Co-Director, has been in massage and bodywork practice since 1977 and has become one of the most highly respected international educators in the massage therapy realm – inducted in 2011 into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, honored as the 2012 recipient of AMTA’s Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award, and in 2013 by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education as “Educator of the Year.”  David regularly teaches in England and throughout the U.S since 1982. He is the author of the books, Putting the Soul Back in the Body, The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork, and Life in the Bones (published in 2017 by Upledger Institute).  He is certified in Structural Bodywork,  Zero Balancing, and is a faculty member of the Zero Balancing Health Association. His background prior to massage therapy was in philosophy and music composition (BA, U of Illinois, 1972). Click hereto learn more about David, his books, and classes.