Sports Massage for Runners with Marc Frazier

Sports Massage for Runners

with Marc Frazier

November 5, 2023
9am - 4pm

6 CEs - $160

About the Workshop:

Sports Massage for Runners will prepare therapists to more effectively know how best to massage clients who run consistently–including competitive athletes.

By developing a better understanding of–

  • the stresses inherent with running
  • the body’s abilities to adapt to those stresses
  • the major mechanical (muscular and joint) relationships, most heavily impacted by running…

Sports Massage for Runners learning outcomes:

  • Understand why a bipedal gait limits the body’s ability to absorb shock–and, how our bodies have adapted to this particular form of locomotion.
  • Understand how the pelvis acts as a keystone, in transmitting force and stabilizing the entire body.
  • Begin to recognize how the fascial system allows our bodies to develop compensatory tensions–and, whether or not to address them.
  • Understand that massage, alone, cannot overcome overtraining–nor, poor running mechanics
  • Learn the importance of two primary mechanical relationships (specifically, foot/ankle–hip/pelvis— and—hip/pelvis–vertebral column)--and, how managing them appropriately, can make all the difference in their client’s staying injury-free
runner sprinting blue sky

About the Instructor:

Marc Frazier Massage Therapy Continuing Education PresenterMarc Frazier,LMT has been a personal trainer for over 35 years and a massage therapist for 20 years. During that time, he has worked extensively in sports massage and clinical settings. He has traveled with numerous teams and is one of the most valued clinical massage and training resources in Central Texas. His passion is functional anatomy, massage therapy, and their successful clinical application in helping people improve both their structure and functional health.






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