TMJ: A Practical Approach

TMJ: A Practical Approach

with TLC Clinic Director, Tammie Culley

October 29, 2023
Sunday, 9am-4pm 

6 CE hours - $160

women holding her jaw in pain

About the Workshop:

The temporomandibular joint – which is vitally important to human existence – has been overlooked, underappreciated, and understudied:

“Consider the joints of the human body. What might first come to mind are the hips and knees… followed by the wrists, ankles, elbows, fingers, and toes. What can be overlooked … is one of the most used, most necessary, and perhaps most misunderstood set of joints – those of the jaw – which are critical to the vital work of human life.” - National Academy of Medicine (NAM)

This class is a practical approach to understanding, learning, and treating a client with TMJ dysfunction.  In this class you will learn …what it is, why it happens, the anatomy of the area to be addressed, symptoms to look out for and tests to perform and confirm your assessment, and finally a simple routine that will give you a foundation to use as you work with your clients.

"I offer this because A LOT of people have some form of dysfunction in the jaw causing headaches, toothaches, popping, pain in chewing, and many other symptoms.  I’ve been approached by colleagues, students, and clients about ‘working on their jaw” because it hurts or seems to be what is causing other pain/migraine.   When a well-thought-out plan can be made for treatment, it is amazing how simple these treatments can be.  I invite students and therapists alike to come and get My version of a TMJ routine." Tammie Culley 

1. Understand the anatomy of the head and neck as it pertains to TMJ.

2. Define TMJ dysfunction, and explore symptoms and causes.

3. Learn how to perform testing that can confirm TMJ.

4.  Learn a simple, but effective routine to address the issue. 

TLC Massage School Clinic Director

About the Instructor:

Tammie Culley, LMT, MTI, is a 15-year graduate of The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School. She is the Internship Clinic Director for TLC and a massage therapist in the Austin/Round Rock area.  She has a small successful private practice, which allows her the honor of attending clients in a more personal setting.

Tammie is certified in Medical Massage Therapy and loves to work side-by-side with Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Doctors helping to bring learning, health, and healing to her clients and students.  She strives to understand the why of her client's discomfort in order to provide tailored and structural evidence-based massage sessions.  Tammie uses her understanding of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology to design creative and specific structural sessions for her clients.

Tammie is married and a mother of 4.  She has a limitless curiosity for learning and teaching and finds joy in this endeavor.  She also enjoys travel, reading, and spending time with her family.