In an effort to continue teaching Massage Therapy in a time of social distancing, TLC has developed a hybrid program that combines both online learning and in-person touch assessments. The majority of the classes will be streamed online through a live classroom video feed, supplemented with on-campus touch assessments and exams. This will allow instructors to maintain stricter safety protocols and still provide a top-notch educational experience. Students will still have access to their instructors in real-time like they would in the classroom setting and will be able to interact with classmates virtually. Instructors will be able to view students progress as well and assess their quality of touch in a more controlled setting on campus.

What materials will I need for online learning?

  • Aside from the required text books, you will need a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone with a camera and internet. A massage table or other surface for hands-on practice and someone/something to practice on.

Will a massage table be required?

  • While a massage table is recommended for your hands-on practice, we understand that may not be an option for everyone at the beginning. You can use a regular table, bed, etc. for the hands-on portion of class. Contact us for recommendations on new and used Massage Tables.

Who will I practice with during hands-on work?

  • A person is highly recommended for the hands-on portion of class to gain spatial awareness and comprehension of anatomy. If you’re unable to practice on a person, let us know and we can make recommendations on what other students have found beneficial.

Will the classes be live?

  • All classes will be streamed live in real-time as well as supplemented with power point presentations and pre-recorded videos. Students must be present and online during the regularly scheduled class time to get credit for their time.

If a student has a question in class, will the instructor be able to address it immediately?

  • Yes, the instructor will be live and available to students during their regular class time to assist with any questions, corrections of technique, etc. Students will also have the contact information for their instructor to reach out privately after class for further clarification.

When will students be on campus?

  • In the hybrid program, majority of the classes will be completed virtually, with some exceptions. Any touch assessments and hands on exams will be done on campus with plenty of advanced notice. Internship appointments will be completed at the end of the program on campus in the clinic. 

What learning platform is being used?

  • All classes will be hosted through BlueJeans video conferencing. This is an application that’s included in your tuition and is able to be used via smart phone (iOS and Android), desktop, tablet or laptop. Assignments and quizzes will be submitted through ClassMarker.

How will students access the learning platforms to set them up for class?

  • Students will receive an email detailing how to set up and use BlueJeans and ClassMarker. A 30-minute practice class will be scheduled before students official start date to give them an opportunity to test run these applications. 

Is this for the entire length of the program?

  • While we hope to move back to in-person classes in the future, we do not have an estimated date to return students to campus. As always, we will continue to monitor the current situation and make decisions safely and responsibly for all students and staff.

Will being online effect the length of the program?

  •   No, the 500 hour program will continue to be offered in the same 6 month and 12 month schedule offerings.

If I miss a class, when and how will I make that up?

  • Any classes or hours missed in the program will have to be made up per State Law. Our makeup class on campus will remain open to for students to schedule a time to makeup their missed hours.

How will I complete my internship?

  • The internship will be completed on campus following our safety protocols for our Clinic.

Are online classes accepted by the state?

  • While the State Licensing Board, TDLR, has not accepted online courses in the past, they have chosen to allow schools to move online due to the Global Pandemic.