Anger’s just the natural, healthy vibration that happens when we encounter an obstacle – like water vibrating against a rock in the middle of a flowing stream. It’s no accident we so often say “damn” when we encounter obstacles!

We have three choices:

1. To aim the anger against ourselves – beating ourselves up.
2. To aim it against others, blaming the outside world and wishing for revenge.
3. To experience anger fully without judgment and then to decide what will address the cause of the anger the best.
Numbers 1 and 2 are a total waste of time – yet how often do you find yourself depressed, attacking yourself or stuck in blaming others without taking healthy action?
With deep massage (there can be many forms), you relieve tensions in the body, which also allows the person open space and non-manipulated time in which to fully experience whatever they are feeling with care and attention.
Anger, fully experienced, plus a clear mind, gives us the energy and clarity to break through!