The Deep Massage Book

Deep Massage Book endorsements


“David’s gentle wisdom, attention to detail and to the potential and dimensions of loving, skillful touch, along with over 30 years of professional experience combine for a book on bodywork that is truly revolutionary. If you purchase only one hands-on book this year, make this the one. It is the most innovative book for bodyworkers in the past 30 years!”

Bob King, Co-founder, Chicago School of Massage Therapy, national educator, and industry leader


“In The Deep Massage Book, David Lauterstein transmits years of valuable knowledge and experience. An artist both of words and touch, he delightfully informs the reader. This is an important book for every therapist, student of the healing arts, and all people curious as to the deeper benefits of massage therapy and bodywork.”

Dr. Fritz Smith, MD, founder of Zero Balancing, author of Inner Bridges and Alchemy of Touch


“An absolute masterpiece! Written by a true master of this ancient craft; and a joy to read.”

Robert Schleip, PhD, Director Fascia Research Project Ulm University, Germany


“David Lauterstein has written a profound, poetic and enlightened book that looks at the person as a a whole being, not just the sum of the body’s parts. It is a reverent, beautifully written mixture of the practical and the philosophical. David uses vivid prose to weave together touch, massage, structure and energy into a book that emotionally connects us to ourselves and others. His love and respect for the human body and the human experience is evident on every page. This book is destined to become a classic in the bodywork field. Every massage therapist and bodyworker should read it.”

Dr. Ben Benjamin, founder Muscular Therapy Institute, Author, Listen to Your Pain, Ethics of Tough, Are You Tense?


“At the heart of this fine book is music. David Lauterstein – a voice of deep experience – sings the octave of the body’s chakras to create a melody of deep-tissue protocols, bathed in the harmony of rich therapeutic contact, steadied by the bass tones of bodywork’s place in our unfolding human history.”

Thomas Myers, Director, Kinesis, Author of Anatomy Trains and Fascial Release for Structural Balance


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