Impact Your Community  and Change the World through Therapeutic Touch

Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in 6-12 months

The Lauterstein-Conway (TLC) Massage school has been leading education in Massage Therapy training for almost 30 years in Austin. The holistic training approach at TLC incorporates both the Art and Science of touch to engage the whole self in learning and growth – body, mind, and spirit.


There is simply no substitute for human touch and the impact positive contact can have on overall wellness. Imagine having the confidence and knowledge to make people feel better just by using your hands. Massage Therapy can relieve pain, reduce stress, lift moods and improve overall mental and physical health.

Take the first steps. Begin your adventure and explore a future in massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Programs

As one of the nation’s forerunners in Massage Therapy Education, TLC has developed 2 outstanding Massage Therapy Programs: the 500 hour Massage Therapy Program for state licensure and the 250 hour Advanced Program for Board Certification.

The 500 hour Massage Therapy Program gives you the skills to take the state required Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX) and begin your career in 6 - 12 months.

The 250 hour Advanced Massage Therapy Program prepares already licensed Massage Therapists for voluntary Board Certification credentials.

We created the 250 Hour Advanced Program to cater to working Massage Therapists. The classes are held mostly on Mondays since we know that weekends have great earning potential for Massage Therapists.

Why pay for more training than you need to get started? Start your career sooner so you can start earning money faster. Once you have mastered the basics, come back for additional training.

Next Program Start Dates:


    March Saturday Class (all day Saturday): 8:00am - 12:30pm & 1:15pm - 5:45pm - Over Half full! ONLY offered ONCE a YEAR!

    • Start Date: March 16, 2019  - 12 month program

    April Evening Class:  Mon – Thur  6:00pm – 10:30pm - Need to work full time and complete school quickly?

    • Start Date: April 16, 2019 - 6 month program

    May Morning Class: Mon - Thur 8:15am - 12:45pm  - Need your evenings free?

    • Start Date: May 13, 2019  - 6 month program

    July Evening Class (2 nights per week):  Mon & Wed  6:00pm – 10:30pm 

    • Start Date: July 17, 2019 - 12 month program

More Schedules

Massage Therapy Careers

Why choose Massage Therapy? With the growth of the Spa Industry and the expansion of Eastern philosophies merging with Western medical practices, skilled Massage Therapists are in high demand. Our Job Fair always has a waiting list of employers who are wanting to participate. Not only do they NEED therapists right now, but they WANT TLC Grads because over the years TLC has proven time and time again we produce experienced and caring Massage Therapists. Employers seek out our students before they even graduate - walk out of class and into a career.

In-Demand Career Field

Schedule Flexibility

Rewarding Career

High Hourly Pay

Career Opportunities

  • Sports
  • Holistic
  • Clinical
  • Spa & Resort
  • Entrepreneurial

Massage Therapy is a wellness career that puts earning power in your hands. You are born with all the tools you need, let us teach you how to use them.

Massage Therapy is about connecting with people – WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Why should you choose Lauterstein-Conway Massage School?

1. Experience is the key! We have been training Massage Therapists for almost 30 years.  That makes a big difference in how successful you will be in this career and your ability to help people!  Lauterstein-Conway provides the highest level of training in therapeutic techniques, science, and the art of skillful touch. We update and refine our curriculum regularly to make sure you leave with cutting-edge information and skills.

2. We love what we do and we want you to love what you do too! – We endeavor to run our school in as healing a manner as the subjects we teach. We want each graduate to be therapeutically masterful, professionally successful and personally fulfilled. We are committed to your success!

3. We believe in the Art and Science of bodywork! –  Lauterstein-Conway is one of the only schools that combines a rigorous scientific training with an intuitive approach that allows you to use your creativity when designing a massage session that fits each person you work with.

4. Continuing Education Workshops – We offer over 300 hours of workshops each year on topics such as Oncology Massage, Anatomy Trains, Advanced Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Advanced Zero Balancing, Pregnancy Massage, and more.

5. The Advanced Massage Therapy Program – This is the only program in the U.S. that includes Advanced Orthopedic Massage and Trigger Point Therapy, Advanced Deep Massage, Cranio-Sacral Work, Zero Balancing, Shiatsu, and Advanced Integrative Bodywork. Take your skills to the next level!

– This is our lifework.. Our success is measured by the quality of your experience here, your expertise, your success and your joy in the profession of massage