Welcome to The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, your premier destination for Massage Therapy Training in Austin. As a leading institution with a rich history spanning several decades, we are dedicated to providing exceptional education and nurturing the growth of talented Massage Therapists.

Our renowned Massage School in Austin offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower individuals to excel in the field of Massage Therapy. Whether you're interested in our 500Hr Massage Therapy Program for licensure or seeking Continuing Education for experienced therapists, TLC Massage School is committed to helping you develop your skills to their fullest potential.

Founded in 1989 by massage therapy pioneers David Lauterstein and John Conway, our school is built on a vision of creating a supportive learning environment for aspiring Massage Therapists. With our unique integrated hands-on approach to learning, knowledgeable faculty, and compassionate staff, we provide a transformative journey of exploration, discovery, and mastery of the art and science of Massage Therapy.

Experience the difference at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, where we combine a stellar reputation, exceptional bodywork education, and a commitment to excellence.

Join us today and unlock your potential in the growing field of Massage Therapy in Austin!

Why Choose The Lauterstein-Conway Massage Therapy School?

Expertise in the Field: TLC has been teaching the Art & Science of touch for over 30 years in Austin. David Lauterstein & John Conway started TLC in 1989 to provide a haven for massage therapists to grow, learn, and heal together.

Above & Beyond: Our compassionate instructors care about your success in the classroom and beyond. They offer superlative educational support to help students grow into a profession in which they can be happy and truly help their clients deal with pain, stress, and injury.

Massage is Life: The hands-on training program focuses on technique and quality of touch. Our graduates are the most sought-after therapists for their bodywork knowledge, but even more so for their cultivated intuitive touch.

Together is Better: Our inclusive community supports & encourages all learners. Our superb staff is committed to helping students feel welcome and enjoy their studies while making life-long connections and building a career.

We got your back: We create a school culture that promotes connection and growth. There is a beautiful phenomenon that happens in the classroom as students learn about their bodies, themselves, and their fellow classmates. The classes become a network of support for each other on campus and in life.

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