Records Request Forms

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School Program Records Request Procedures:

Student Records

Students have the right to obtain access to all information in their student file. All records will remain confidential within the administration. We will release information to a third party only with the student’s written consent. Please note: we will not send copies of transcripts or documentation from other institutions.


Students who withdraw or are dropped from their program will be issued a certified copy of their transcript 10 days after their non-tuition and tuition balances are paid in full.

Additional Transcripts

Additional transcripts will be available for the cost of $10 per copy, per program. These requests will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.

 Financial requirements to receive additional transcripts

  • Paid $10 for each program attended
  • Paid all non-tuition fees
  • Tuition paid in full OR good standing with TFC Payment Plan (see Payment Options)

Records processing is $10 per copy per program.  Each records request is considered a separate processing fee. You will be redirected to payment through Mindbody after submitting your registration.

If you wish to make a credit card payment by phone, please call 512-374-9222 ex 11 during business hours.

Processing of the Transcript Request Form(s) will not begin until paid in full and take up to 10 business days.

Records Request Forms:

Standard Programs-

Semester I – 300 Hour Records Request Form

Semester II – 250 Hour Records Request Form

500 Hour Records Request Form

Advanced Program and Continuing Education-

Advanced Program Records Request Form

Continuing Education Records Request Form