Zero Balancing and Your Bones’ Role in Deep Health

By David Lauterstein The nature of bone is miraculous. First, it is alive and responsive. That is contrary to most people’s imaginations because we usually see only the bones of dead animals, or static pictures in books, or empty skulls used as Halloween imagery etc. Most people have, as a result, a visualization of bones as static, unliving things. However, in reality the bones inside of us...
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How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Back Massage

Muscle Specific Deep Tissue Techniques Can be Integrated into Any Session By Brian Utting The phrase ‘deep tissue work’ is used in so many contexts that it’s hard to know what it means anymore. To some practitioners, ‘deep tissue’ simply means deep pressure. To others, it has more fascial, myofascial, or structural connotations. Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue work (MSDT) still works with the fasc...
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How CranioSacral Therapy Activates the Listening Cure

craniosacral therapy knockout
WHAT CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY AND MIKE TYSON ILLUMINATED FOR ME By David Lauterstein Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson This somewhat shocking quote from Mr. Tyson is nonetheless important to all of us, as individuals and as therapists.  Each person has a time they recall, sometimes just a moment, in which someone said something or we experienced something that al...
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Spinal Curvatures: Recentering, Rebalancing

Treating Scoliosis With Massage Therapy By Jake Lauterstein The vertebrae: a fascinating piece of our anatomical puzzle. When the back is pain free we can feel the “spring in our step”; the elegance of movement. But when our spine tips too far in one direction be it to the side, to the front, or the back, a whole host of alarms may be set off in the body. Pain, discomfort, lack of breath, even...
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Fancy Word and Even More Fascinating Work! “The skin, in common with the nervous system, arises from the outermost layer of the embryo, the ectoderm. The ectoderm also gives rise to the hair, teeth and sense organs of smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. The central nervous system, develops as the inturned portion of the general surface of the embryonic body. The nervous system is, then, a bu...
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Four Things to Develop In Your Massage Therapy Practice

massage therapy practice
MASSAGE THERAPY IS A PRACTICE - NOT JUST A PROFESSION By David Lauterstein To do massage therapy genuinely, requires the cultivation of virtue. And to accomplish that requires some discipline and practice. Like yoga, fine arts, and meditation, massage works as a practice. These deeper practices have many things in common. Perhaps most important is that the practice not only works in the world, ...
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NEW! Advanced Program Information Kit

Are You Considering Advancing Your Career in Massage Therapy? Lauterstein-Conway Massage School is the only school in the Austin area that offers a 250-hour advanced massage training for licensed massage therapists: our Advanced Program for Clinical Massage and Bodywork. But what does that mean? While we already have a comprehensive outline of our advanced training, we just re-developed...
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Massage and Yoga and “Medical Gymnastics”

By David Lauterstein Why is it that massage and yoga have become part of the lives of millions of people? This is certainly one of the best pieces of good news in our troubled time! Slow touch, slow movement, and care of the therapist for the client, care of the yoga student for themselves, are primary elements in freeing the body and the mind! Massage is a form of manual yoga. How Massage...
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Work For Yourself: Five Benefits of a Mobile Massage Practice

benefits of a moblie massage practice work for yourself
The Out-call Business Model Can Benefit the Massage Therapist and Client, Alike, In Many Ways If you want to work for yourself after massage school, or if you are already a practicing massage therapist who wants to shift the focus their massage career, consider the many benefits of a mobile massage practice. Here are five: 1. Earn a Higher Income with Mobile Massage 2. Save Money Offering ...
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Are You Considering a Career Change? Consider Massage.

Superb writing from Keith Eric Grant, reprinted here with the author's permission, that discusses some of the many advantages and benefits of a career in massage therapy. Originally published in Massage Today, October, 2001, Vol. 01, Issue 10. -David Lauterstein The Life It Brings By Keith Eric Grant, PhD, NCTMB "Human beings live in bodies and they live in language. When I work with someone,...
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