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The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Massage Therapy Continuing Education Approved Provider. Have a question about a workshop? Please contact the Workshop Registrar at (512) 374-9222 or workshops@tlcschool.comgreen face mask icon

Reminder: At this time Face Masks must be worn at all times when on the TLC Massage School Campus this includes all staff, students, clinic clients, and workshop presenters and participants. 

2021 Massage Therapy Continuing Education Workshops Calendar

12/4-5/2021 - Precise Deep Tissue Techniques For The Muscles And Ligaments Of The Anterior, Lateral, And Posterior Neck - Registration Closed. No walk-ins permitted.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 15 CE hrs

Presented In-Person - $350

The neck is a strong, vulnerable and complex structure. It is the most movable part of the spine, and yet is strong enough to balance and support the head, even with chronically poor posture. The neck is also one of the most common areas of client complaint, injury and dysfunction, and can be a challenging area to treat effectively. Skillful deep tissue work in this area is not about brute force; it's about precision and strategy, informed by knowledge of the anatomical structures. It's rare to find massage therapists who really know how to massage the neck in a precise, specific way--especially around the small muscular and ligamentous attachments--even though this is where the muscles and ligaments are most commonly frayed and/or inflamed.

2022 Massage Therapy Continuing Education Workshops Calendar

1/16/2022 -Deep Massage: Solutions For Back Tension & Pain with David Lauterstein

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 6 CE hrs

Presented In-Person -$150

Deep Massage: Solutions for Back Tension & Pain will give you techniques and a deeper, practical understanding of the anatomy of the back. We will also look at the relevance of the nervous system/energy and how to optimize your touch to assure the best clinical results. Deep Massage is a modality that consciously works with the structure and the energy of the body.


1/23/2022 - Advanced Clinical Assessment for Scoliosis, Whiplash, & Headaches with TLC Clinic Director, Tammie Culley

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 6 CE hrs

Presented In-Person -$150

Build your observation, communication, and palpation skills to a deeper and more meaningful level of understanding as it relates to the visual and palpation assessment of the clients in your practice.

Learn how to create a long-term session plan based on the structural needs of the client. You will assess three specific and common pathologies that will translate into all of the other pathologies you see during your career. You will learn how to work specifically with the client’s body while allowing time for the client to experience and track their progress as they move towards a greater sense of wellness.


2/6/2022 -Pharmacology For Massage Therapists with Tara White

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 6 CE hrs

Online -$150

Pharmacology for Massage Therapists will help you to understand how common drugs that your clients are taking can interact with massage therapy. We will discuss red and yellow flags brought up by specific medications and whole classes of drugs. We will also look at how you might want to modify your session design to allow your client’s pain medication to work with your therapy goals, not against them.


2/25-27/2022 - Turning On The Power of Healing: A Hands-On Approach to the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System with Jeff Rockwell

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 16 CE hrs

Presented In-Person -$380

Explore a new innovative approach for manually treating the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System. Learn the functional importance of the ANS, along with Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and its relevance to mind-body health.  Discover a new system with three complementary divisions arranged for their functions for adaptation, survival, homeostasis, and personal development, and conscious evolution.


3/25-27/  & 4/1-3/2022 - Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Certification
with Nicola McGill of Klose Training

1 Class over 2 Weekends!

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 45 CE hrs

Presented In-Person -$1100 *Save your seat with a $550 non-refundable deposit.

Getting MLD-certified expands your skill set which will help you better serve your current clients. Some therapists find it beneficial to use MLD in every massage session in conjunction with other techniques. Becoming certified will also attract new clients to your practice who require this special form of massage. PTs and OTs often refer their patients with lymphedema to LMT-CLTs for maintenance therapy.


5/21-22/2022 -Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy with MeriJayd O'Connor

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 12 CE hrs

Presented in-person -$350

The Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy workshop will present the basic history and discovery of the Craniosacral System (CS) basic physiologic functions of the CS system, palpation skills, and how to work indirectly and directly with the craniosacral system. Students will learn how a light touch can produce profound changes in the nervous and fascia systems. The techniques are presented by a qualified Upledger CranioSacral Therapist.


6/2-5/2022 -Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialization
with Carole Osborne

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 32 CE hrs

Presented In-Person -$795* - 32 CE's *SAVE $100 ONLY $695 until 5/22/2022

Save your seat with a $397.50 non-refundable deposit.

Move far beyond basic adaptations of general massage with condition-specific techniques, applicable research and evidence, ethics discussions, marketing and practice management tips, and guidance for communicating and collaborating with other healthcare providers. This hands-on intensive workshop is a prerequisite to an optional certification of your skills and knowledge that you or your employers, health care organizations or hospitals may require.


6/17-19/2022 -LomiLomi 'Hawaiian Temple Bodywork' with Jason Bratcher

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 24 CE hrs

Presented in-person -$475

LomiLomi is an ancient bodywork modality that was created by the Kahuna Healers of Hawaii. The dance-like movements and techniques that are applied create an interconnected flow giving a feeling of being totally supported and cared for while receiving. This bodywork and the philosophy behind it conveys the "Aloha Spirit" and beauty with which the Hawaiian culture honors and celebrates itself. This bodywork is becoming more popular and sought out by massage practitioners and employers for the amazing experiences both therapists and clients have when giving and receiving and because the techniques save your hands and wrists from fatigue and burnout, making it an even more valuable skill to learn.


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