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ncb logo-1The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Our school is the only massage school in Austin approved as a NCBTMB continuing education approved provider.

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-2019 Workshop Calendar-


Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) & Integrated Methods for Chronic Pain with Jeff Rockwell – ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED. WALK-INS WELCOME. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Sat & Sun, June 22 – 23

In this 12 hour course, students will be introduced to basic principles of relevant neuroscience and gain the ability to work directly with the brain and nervous system to communicate change to the body, rather than to coerce it through force. The student will learn dermoneuromodulation techniques for neck, shoulder, low back and pelvic pain. The student will also gain skills related to down-regulating stress in the autonomic nervous system through a combination of touch and movement.  Dr. Rockwell particularly will be sharing new information on treatment and self-treatment of the all-important vagus nerve.


Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy with MeriJayd O’Connor

Dates: Sat & Sun, July 13 – 14

The Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy workshop will present the basic history and discovery of the Craniosacral System (CS) basic physiologic functions of the CS system, palpation skills, and how to work indirectly and directly with the craniosacral system. Students will learn how a light touch can produce profound changes in the nervous and fascia systems. The techniques are presented by a qualified Upledger CranioSacral Therapist.

Cadaver Class at Texas State University with Marc Frazier – July is full – 3rd date available AUG 4th!

Dates: (Sunday, July 14  or Sunday, July 21 – Full) NEW DATE AVAILABLE: SUN, AUGUST 4th

Class-size for each is limited to 25 participants. To participate in this class you must be a licensed massage therapist or an advanced massage student with at least 400 hours of training, a physical therapist, Chiropractor, or MD.  To complete your registration, you MUST include your license number on the registration form.

LomiLomi ‘Hawaiian Temple Bodywork’ with Jason Bratcher

Fri – Sun, July 26 – 28

LomiLomi is an ancient bodywork modality that was created by the Kahuna Healers of Hawaii. The dance-like movements and techniques that are applied create an interconnected flow giving a feeling of being totally supported and cared for while receiving. This bodywork is becoming more popular and sought out by massage practitioners and employers for the amazing experiences both therapists and clients have when giving and receiving and because the techniques save your hands and wrists from fatigue and burnout, making an even more valuable skill to learn.


Massage for Spinal Curvatures: Working with Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis with Jake Lauterstein

Sunday, August 4

In this course students will learn the postural kinesiology of the muscles most likely affected by scoliosis. They will learn and practice muscle-specific palpation and receive guided demonstration on a range of applicable orthopedic techniques to provide soft-tissue pain relief and increase sensory awareness. With this unique set of tools, students will be able to diminish pain and enhance sensory awareness for their clients.

Cadaver Class at Texas State University with Marc Frazier – NEW date for 3rd WS!!

Sunday, August 4

We opened a 3rd date for the Cadaver Class due to high interest. Sign-up ASAP this class WILL FILL!! Class-size for each is limited to 25 participants. To participate in this class you must be a licensed massage therapist or an advanced massage student with at least 400 hours of training, a physical therapist, Chiropractor, or MD.  To complete your registration, you MUST include your license number on the registration form.

Shiatsu with Kazuko DeVirgilio

Mondays, August 5 – September 16

Shiatsu in Japanese means “finger pressure.” It is a type of bodywork consisting of finger and palm pressure and stretches. Learn the brilliant model of the five elements, meridians, chi, yin-yang, key points for relief of excesses and deficiencies which affect structure and energy.

*This Shiatsu class is open to participants wanting to take it alone as a workshop – also included will be students in our 250-hour Advanced Program.

Anatomy Trains Structure and Function with Carrie Gaynor

Fri – Sun, August 23 – 25

This is the first workshop to combine Anatomy Trains theory alongside structural and functional anatomy and analysis. It blends the concepts of tensegrity with elastic recoil for movement efficiency and illustrates how we use the Anatomy Trains as lines of force transfer. We will address differential diagnosis to help identify motor control or soft tissue restrictions and where they may be coming from – we will show you the interdependent relationships between many of the tissues and how they interact.


Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy

Thurs – Sun, Sept 5 – 8

If working with clients throughout their pregnancies, births and postpartum time is your desire, then this is THE in-depth hands-on specialty workshop that covers it all.

Geometry of Healing with David Lauterstein

Thurs – Sun, Sept 12 – 15

Geometry of Healing (GOH) is an advanced level Zero Balancing course that teaches students how to work directly with the vibratory/energtic fields of the body. It defines ‘fields’ and then teaches how to access and evaluate vibratory fields, obtain information contained therein, and how to balance and clarify the designated field or material.


Certification Training in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) with Nicola McGill 

Tues – Sun, Oct 1-6

When skillfully applied, this therapeutic form of soft-tissue mobilization dramatically enhances lymph formation and promotes drainage within the superficial and deep systems of the lymph vascular network. During this course, students will be instructed in anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. Basic MLD treatment sequences as well as MLD treatment sequences for mild, medically uncomplicated upper and lower extremity lymphedema will be demonstrated and practiced.

Mindbody Acupressure with Gayle Hubatch

Sunday, Oct 13

Mindbody Acupressure Symptom Relief. This course teaches an effective local-distal technique and acupressure points to relieve joint pain, seasonal allergies, and headaches. Learn effective acupressure techniques to enhance your existing practice. Acupressure combines easily with massage and other modalities. This acupressure style treats children and adults. You will practice qigong breathing exercises to open awareness to the energy field and utilize this skill in working with others.

Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer with Cindy Gillan of Tracy Walton & Assoc

Thurs – Sun, Oct 24 – 27

As the role of massage therapy in cancer care expands, it is an exciting time to provide oncology massage. In this intensive course, we combine the art and practice of touch to create safe, effective massage sessions for clients with cancer and cancer histories. In a lively, supportive learning environment, participants learn simple, concrete ways to adapt massage to cancer and cancer treatment.


Cupping Massage & Gua Sha Therapy with Souri Sisavath

Sat- Sun, Nov 2-3

This two-day training will prepare practitioners to effectively utilize the traditional therapy known as cupping and GuaSha.  Cupping is a medical practice where cups are placed on parts of the body to create a suction effect which raises the skin and draws the blood to the surface. From Olympic athletes, to clients with acute or chronic tension, cupping is a highly sought-after therapy for its unique and profound effects.

Structural Essentials: Abdomen, Chest & Breath with Carrie Gaynor

Fri – Sun, Nov 15-17

The Structural Essential series is a set of intensive soft-tissue technique courses divided into functional regions. Combining movement and manual techniques for the most efficient and long-lasting results, and using the latest research on the interaction between skeleton, muscles, joints, and fascial proprioceptors, this series of workshops will take you to a new level in therapy.


Clinical Massage for Thoracic Outlet and Neuromuscular Neck with Bob Steine

Sunday, Dec 8

One of the most important benefits a therapist can provide is very effective work with the neck and with thoracic outlet syndrome.  At least one out of four clients will present with symptoms of neuromuscular neck pain.  The good news is massage therapy – when the therapist is thoroughly familiar with the anatomy of the anterior and posterior neck as well as techniques for all these muscles – is often the most efficacious response to this pain and tension syndrome.

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