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Free Massage Class

March, 17th 11am-12pm

Free Chair Massage Class

Want to learn how to give a great neck, shoulder, arms, and upper back massage? Join us for a free hands-on Introduction to Massage Class in Austin in February. During this class, you'll have the chance to learn a simple seated massage routine with one of our skilled instructors.

Our Introduction to Massage Class is designed to teach you a few basic massage techniques while providing insights into our 500-Hour Massage Therapy Program. Whether you're considering a career in Massage Therapy or simply interested in adding some massage skills to your repertoire, this class is perfect for you.

The event is open to everyone, and we encourage you to bring a friend along to share in this enriching experience. Discover the joy of giving and receiving therapeutic touch as we delve into the world of Massage Therapy together.

Spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot early! We are thrilled to host this event and can't wait to meet all the enthusiastic participants. Join us for a day of learning, exploration, and excitement - don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Reserve your spot now by filling out the registration form below. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US. We look forward to welcoming you to our Free Massage Class in Austin!

Taking a free massage class can offer several benefits to a prospective massage student.

Experience and Exposure:

Participating in a free intro class allows the prospective massage student to gain hands-on experience and exposure to the practical aspects of massage therapy. This firsthand experience can help them understand what it's like to work with clients and determine if massage therapy is the right career path for them.

Skill Development:

The introductory class may cover basic massage techniques and body mechanics specific to chair massage. These skills are essential for any massage therapist and can serve as a starting point for further development in the field.

Insight into the Industry:

The class may provide insights into the massage therapy industry:

  • Its demand
  • Career opportunities
  • Earning potential

Understanding the industry landscape can help them make informed decisions about their career.

Networking Opportunities:

These classes often gather individuals interested in massage therapy, including other prospective students, practicing therapists, or instructors. Networking with like-minded individuals can lead to valuable connections and access to valuable resources.

No Financial Commitment:

The fact that the class is free means that the student can explore massage therapy without financial pressure. It offers an opportunity to assess their interest and aptitude for massage before committing to a massage therapy program.

Knowledge of Course Structure:

The intro class might provide information about the curriculum and structure of a formal massage therapy program. It will allow the prospective student to gauge whether the course aligns with their goals and expectations.

Access to Instructors:

The intro class may be conducted by experienced massage therapists or instructors. This presents an opportunity for the prospective student to interact with these professionals, ask questions, and seek guidance about their potential career path.

Personal Wellness Benefits:

Learning and practicing massage techniques can offer personal wellness benefits for the prospective student, including stress relief, relaxation, and improved physical well-being.

Taking a free massage class can provide a valuable glimpse into the world of massage therapy, allowing prospective students to assess their interest, develop foundational skills, and make informed decisions about their future career path.