Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage training at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School includes 125 hours of body mechanics, basic strokes, and soft tissue manipulation designed to equip students with a deep understanding of this popular massage technique.

With a focus on hands-on learning and practical application, our experienced instructors guide students through the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Swedish Massage.

Our approach is to be precise and thorough in teaching soft tissue manipulation while cultivating mindfulness regarding the body, mind, and spirit of the client.


During the course, students will learn the art of gliding strokes, kneading, and circular movements that characterize Swedish Massage. They will also gain a thorough understanding of the underlying principles and benefits of this therapeutic technique. Our dedicated faculty members provide individualized attention and support, ensuring that each student develops the necessary skills and confidence to excel in the field.

At The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, we believe in a holistic approach to massage education. In addition to technique instruction, the Swedish Massage portion of our program covers relevant anatomy and physiology, client assessment, and proper body mechanics. We emphasize the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for clients, fostering a deep sense of trust and relaxation.

As an esteemed massage school, we understand the value of hands-on experience. Our students have the opportunity to practice their skills in our fully equipped massage clinic, under the supervision of experienced professionals. This real-world experience helps them refine their technique, build their confidence, and develop their own unique style of Swedish Massage.

By choosing The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School for your Massage Therapy education, you're setting yourself up for success in a rewarding and in-demand field. Our graduates have gone on to thrive in various settings, including spas, wellness centers, and private practices. They have also become valuable contributors to the health and well-being of their clients.

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling journey as a skilled Massage therapist?

Contact The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin today to learn more about our 500-Hr Massage Therapy program and how you can enroll. Our dedicated staff is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the highest quality education and training. Invest in your future and join us at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin.