LomiLomi “Hawaiian Temple Bodywork”

LomiLomi 'Hawaiian Temple Bodywork'

with Jason Bratcher, LMT, MTI

Fri, Sat & Sun, July 26-28, 2024

24 CE's - $475

*Hold your spot with $237.50 non-refundable deposit. 


Workshop Description:

LomiLomi is an ancient bodywork modality that was created by the Kahuna Healers of Hawaii. The dance-like movements and techniques that are applied create an interconnected flow giving a feeling of being totally supported and cared for while receiving. This bodywork and the philosophy behind it conveys the "Aloha Spirit" and beauty with which the Hawaiian culture honors and celebrates itself. This bodywork is becoming more popular and sought out by massage practitioners and employers for the amazing experiences both therapists and clients have when giving and receiving and because the techniques save your hands and wrists from fatigue and burnout, making an even more valuable skill to learn.

In this Three-Day intensive and immersive workshop, students will learn:
  • Basic hand/forearm techniques for working the body, in prone and supine positions
  • The principles underlying the techniques
  • Learning to work in tandem (Two practitioners working together on one body)
  • Self-care and movement to improve body mechanics to save your hands, wrists, & body from burnout and fatigue
  • Deeper methods to center yourself and become more present & heart-centered in your sessions
  • How LomiLomi can be integrated into your current practice
  • In-depth focus on the Hawaiian sacred principles of Aloha (love) & Pono (alignment) and Ho'omaluhia (to cultivate peace) to deepen your connection to clients and your heart-centered self
  • Full session trades with support from the instructor and assistant(s)


"LomiLomi bodywork has expanded and energized my massage practice and my life. Sacred Temple LomiLomi is so much more than just another massage technique. The emphasis on compassion and the sacred nature of the work has had a profound effect on my internal well-being as well as my interactions with others both in and outside of work. Jason does an amazing job of preparing a safe and sacred space for transformation and personal and therapeutic development. I am beyond grateful to have him as a teacher and to experience this workshop." - Sara Schoonover

"What an amazing opportunity to grow both internally and in technique. I experienced in both giving and receiving a deep sense of connectedness, of truly being cared about, of inner peace. Jason does an amazing job cultivating a space for these qualities to really present themselves and be experienced. Physically, I feel more in tune with my tools (forearms) whether in a full LomiLomi temple session or integrating Lomi technique into sessions. Did I mention that I learned how to fly in 2 days? So cool!! Just imagine the possibilities 3 days holds in store =)" - Erica Hnilo

About the Instructor:

 Jason-23"I believe that each of us holds the inherent ability to heal ourselves of mental and physical stresses through a complete and holistic approach. Great teachers have stated this from the very beginning: Find your Heart and you WILL find your way. I have found my Heart through helping others to heal from stress, injury, and physical or spiritual pain" - Jason Bratcher has over 29 years of dedicated bodywork practice and facilitation. Jason believes that each of us holds the inherent ability to heal ourselves of mental and physical stresses through a complete and holistic approach with support from experienced and compassionate Therapists.

In addition to Jason's 10+ years of teaching and facilitating Lomilomi in the Austin area, He brings advanced studies in deep tissue, deep massage (Lauterstein Method), Myofascial release (MFR), and sports massage. These are coupled with Jason's very deep, humbled background in Native Shamanic Practice, which has given him the wisdom to be a better facilitator for not only his own life path but for all who come to Jason for therapeutic bodywork and Lomilomi.

Jason Bratcher's deep respect and honor for this wisdom are reflected throughout his passion for teaching while imparting authenticity and integrity in all Kumu Jason's endeavors. Jason is a licensed Massage Therapy Instructor and Continuing Education Provider here in Texas and has been teaching the Lomilomi curriculum, workshops, and small group sessions at the esteemed Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic and has taught for The American Massage Therapy Association in Texas as well as other massage education facilities in Houston/San Antonio and Dallas TX.