Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialization

with Carol Osborne

Thurs - Sun, September 5 - 8, 2019

Thurs - Sat 9am - 6:00pm

Sunday   8:30am -6:00pm

$695 ** - 32 CE's

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**10% Off for TLC Students/Grads**

About the Workshop

If working with clients throughout their pregnancies, births and postpartum time is your desire, then this is THE in-depth hands-on specialty workshop that covers it all. It might be tempting to take a shorter, online prenatal massage course, but consider the additional value of your investment in our in-depth hands-on workshop:

  • Boosted confidence with a splendid new repertoire of skills
  • Expanded techniques for all clients needing sidelying adaptations
  • More appeal and retention of clientele for the entire childbearing cycle
  • Extended career longevity with more stress-free body mechanics

Move far beyond basic adaptations of general massage with condition specific techniques, applicable research and evidence, ethics discussions, marketing and practice management tips, and guidance for communicating and collaborating with other healthcare providers. This hands-on intensive workshop is prerequisite to an optional certification of your skills and knowledge that you or your employers, health care organizations or hospitals may require.

“Sidelying positioning is fantastic, and I find it has many broad applications. I have trained under many talented instructors, but these pre-and perinatal techniques are the skills I use the most. I now have a successful practice which supports my entire family.” CMT, New York, NY

“Taking this class has had a profound impact on my life. Thank you for helping me to find work that I simply LOVE doing.” RMT, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“This is by far the best organized and professionally done workshop I’ve taken. Lots of great, relevant information presented clearly by very competent, caring instructors” MT

You’re also more likely to retain your clients if you can provide exceptional pre-and perinatal massage therapy for them throughout this timeline that spans well more than a year. 

Learning outcomes: (Learning outcome(s) should describe a high level end result of the students' knowledge and what the student should demonstrate to show the instructor that the student has digested the material. Ex: Students will demonstrate proficiency in pregnancy massage.)

On completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand and empathize with the physiological, psychological, and structural experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period in women's lives.
  1. Utilize pre- & perinatal massage therapy in a judicious manner, with recognition and understanding of the contraindications, possible complications, and risk factors of pregnancy, labor and postpartum.
  1. Perform therapeutic sessions that reduce common pregnancy and postpartum pain, dysfunctions, and concerns; provide nurturing support; and enhance the childbearing experience.
  1. Utilize techniques that prepare the client for labor.
  1. Facilitate the birthing process with relaxation and comforting massage techniques for the laboring woman.
  1. Educate pregnant clients in appropriate prenatal & postpartum body use and posture.

About the Instructor

Carol Osborne is a practitioner, author, course developer/instructor, mentor and nationally recognized leader in the somatic arts and sciences. She was the AMTA’s 2008 National Teacher of the Year, a career highpoint. In private practice since 1974, she also has worked in osteopathic, psychological, and women’s medical settings. Her work focuses on facilitating somato-emotional and neuromuscular integration, particularly related to childbearing, trauma, substance and eating disorders, self-image, and nurturing.

In 1980 she began pioneered the reintroduction of therapeutic massage and bodywork to healthcare for the childbearing year, culminating in her highly regarded textbook, Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy. Her curiosity and inspiration has always been in the spiraling between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience. She’s provided decades of mentoring and practice supervision to a select and highly successful cadre of therapists and teachers and has taught throughout North America and Europe.

Other career accomplishments: co-founded International Professional School of Bodywork, San Diego, 1977; published Deep Tissue Sculpting, Second Edition, foundation textbook 1990, 2002; published Infant Massage and Movement Therapy, 1998; contributed to Teaching Massage and to When Survivors Give Birth, 2009; represented MTs at the Massage Research Agenda Workgroup, providing input to their 10-year research agenda, 1999.