Clinical Massage

Clinical Massage Therapy focuses on the resolution of chronic and acute physical pain or dysfunction.

Often our clients come referred by physicians. In clinical massage therapy, students learn advanced techniques and how to analyze problems related to chronic or acute injury, poor posture, movement imbalances, and/or life stresses. They learn how to respond to these problems with appropriate applications of circulatory massage, deep massage, myofascial release, and cross fiber work and trigger points.

Students learn integrative session design to address each client’s unique problem and nature with sensitivity and technical expertise.

Clinical Bodywork training including the clinical protocols and advanced kinesiology related to it includes 28.5 hours of hands-on solutions to all the most commonly encountered injuries and postural complaints, including individualized session design using structural and energetic bodywork.

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic has proudly trained Austin’s Massage Therapists for over 26 years as Austin’s premier massage school. Join the legacy and put your career into your hands today.