The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School FAQs

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (TLC) understands that undertaking a new career path can be challenging. In order to support you in making this important decision we have compiled the following list of Massage School (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions.

TLC Massage School FAQs:

  • What are the state requirements to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas?

Licensing is obtained by applying with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR). The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete a state-approved 500hr Massage Therapy training program.
  2. Pass the Massage and Bodywork Examination (MBLEX) administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) 
  3. Pass the Massage Therapist Jurisprudence Examination
  4. Submit application, application fee, and exam results.

After obtaining a Massage Therapy License, LMTs are required to maintain their licensure by completing 12hrs of Continuing Education every 2 years.

  • How long does it take to complete the 500hr Massage Therapy Program?

We offer both a full-time 6-month accelerated training schedule and a slower-paced part-time 12-month training schedule. The full-time program is perfect for those individuals who have a flexible schedule or work part-time and are able to attend weekday classes. The 12-month program allows students to continue to work full-time while in school and attend evening or weekend classes.

  • What is the tuition for the 500 Hour Program? Do you offer financing to assist with tuition costs?

TLC offers affordable education and various payment options. We have no-credit-check financing options available to every student. Click HERE for more information on tuition and paying for massage therapy school.

  • What Support Services do you offer students while in school?

Our student’s success is our priority, so we offer a variety of services to help students during their time in school and throughout their career.

For students, we offer both group and one-on-one academic and hands-on technique counseling and tutoring. Students also have access to class videos to see and hear class content and massage demonstrations as many times as they like. We also offer a ‘Meet the Employers’ Class where various employers speak to each individual class. While in school, each class you take has been developed to provide students the optimal education, interweaving all aspects of the career to ensure students have the tools to become exceptional LMTs.

  • What Career Services do you offer graduates?

For Graduates, we offer Continuing Education, career counseling, an online job board, and a yearly job fair! Monthly we have 1-3 Continuing Education Classes helping LMT’s continue to grow their education and add additional offerings to their career. Each year we host the only Massage Dedicated Job Fair in Central Texas, and there are constantly updated Austin massage therapy job listings on the online job board.

When you graduate from TLC, you’ll always be a member of our family and we are here to support you in your future endeavors!

  • Do you offer a massage therapy internship for students and what are the hours?

Yes, per state law all students are required to complete 50 hours of massage therapy sessions in a supervised setting. The Lauterstein-Conway Student Massage Clinic provides extensive practice in Integrative Massage Therapy techniques while working on a wide variety of clients. At our student massage clinic, students practice their therapeutic, communication, and business skills by working in a professional setting. This helps students build their confidence by gaining real-world experience.

  • How long has TLC been training Massage Therapists?

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School was opened in 1989 by David Lauterstein & John Conway. Their mission has always been to run the school in a manner as healing as the subjects we teach, and to graduate therapists who are professionally successful, therapeutically masterful, and personally fulfilled.

  • What experience do your Massage Therapy Instructors have?

All of our instructors are accomplished LMTs with real-world experience as well as a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructors.  A vast majority of our instructors are also graduates of TLC, so they have experienced the program as a student as well, which helps them to teach in a way that they know the students will understand and be successful.

  • What is the pass rate of your graduates on MBLEx? How does that compare to the state and MBLEx?

On average, our school has had an 90.4% pass rate! The national average is 66.4%, and the Texas State average is 71.0%. Needless to say, we’re very proud of our students!

  • Do you accept Financial Aid (FAFSA)?

When Co-Founders David Lauterstein and John Conway opened the school in 1989 they decided it would be in the best interest of both the students and the school to not add 100 or more additional hours of unrequired education to the 500-hour State approved program to join the Federal Aid Program. The additional hours needed to qualify for Federal Aid would increase the cost of tuition for those who don’t qualify for Federal Financial Aid.

It would also increase the length of time students would need to be in school before they could graduate and start earning money in their careers. Without adding additional hours, TLC would have to hire additional staff to track completion and placement hours increasing school costs which would also be reflected in increased tuition. Our Co-Founders wanted to provide their students with a variety of payment options that didn’t lead to years of educational debt.

  • Are you Accredited?

TLC chose not to add 100 or more additional hours of unrequired education to the 500-hour State approved program or add additional staff to track completion and placement rates necessary to participate in 3rd Party Accreditation. Accreditation is only a reflection on whether or not that school is approved for receiving Federal Financial Aid. Accreditation does not reflect an institution’s educational standards or determine whether or not you can attain a license in any state.

  • What are the required hours for Massage Therapy?

Satisfactorily complete massage therapy studies in a minimum 500-hour department approved course at a licensed massage school in which includes at least 200 hours of massage therapy techniques and theory and the practice of manipulation of soft tissue, with at least 125 hours of Swedish massage therapy techniques:

Anatomy  (50 hrs)

  • Physiology (25 hrs)
  • Kinesiology (50 hrs)
  • Pathology (40 hrs)
  • Hydrotherapy (20 hrs)
  • Health and Hygiene (20 hrs)
  • Business Practice & Ethics (45 hrs)
  • Swedish Massage (125)
  • Internship (50 hrs)

Additional Techniques/Education (75 hrs)

  • What is the Age limit for Massage Therapists?

None! There is no age limit to becoming a Massage Therapist. As long as you are practicing the proper posture and techniques as well as taking care of yourself, not doing too many massages in a day/week you will be able to practice and have longevity at any age.

  • What Career Options do I have?

There are so many career options depending on each individuals interest and expertise, but one of the most exciting aspects of Massage Therapy is being self-employed! According to a 2021 AMTA study, 77% of Massage Therapists describe themselves as sole practitioners as well as working at these various locations:

  • Spa or Salon
  • Health Care Clinic
  • Corporate Setting
  • Franchise or Chain
  • Hospital, Medical Office, or Clinic
  • Health Club or Athletic Facility
  • Hotel, Resort, Cruise


  • Do you Accept VA Benefits?

Yes, we accept:

  • GI Bill®
  • Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill®
  • Chapter 30: Montgomery GI Bill®
  • Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 35: Survivor and Dependents Assistance
  • Chapter 1606: Selective Reserve Montgomery GI Bill®
  • Chapter 1607: Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)


  • Do you have job placement?

TLC has never needed to offer job placement because TLC graduates are actively sought after. TLC is a legacy brand in Austin and has been educating Massage Therapist locally for over 33 years. Past graduates are now the Massage Therapy business owners looking to hire their fellow alum because of the trusted knowledge and experience they know and expect from TLC grads.

We do offer Career Counseling, a yearly Job Fair, and up-to-date online job board with openings in Austin and surrounding areas.

  • Do you cover self-employment in your curriculum?

Yes, self-employment  is included in the 45 hours of Business & Ethics portion of the program.

  • Is the program intense?

Yes, but it depends on the prior education,  experience, and motivation of the student.  For students with a passion for wellness, massage therapy programs can be intense but exciting, demanding but not grueling and engaging but not difficult.

  • Who makes up the student body?

TLC is all-inclusive and has a diverse student body with ages ranging from 17 to 75. Historically attended by a higher percentage of female students, TLC’s study body ratio is closer to 60:40 of female to male students. We accept students students of all gender identities, but do not have research to reflect those populations at this time.

  • How much does it cost to get your license?


  • MBLEx $265
  • State Jurisprudence Exam $35
  • State Licensing Application $100
  • State Fingerprints $39
  • License Renewal (every 2 years with 12 hours of continuing education) $75


  • Does TDLR require a background check for licensure?

Every individual who applies for a license with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is subject to a criminal background check to determine his or her suitability for the license. In 2009, the Texas Legislature enacted new provisions to allow a person to find out before applying whether he or she would likely be denied a license due to his or her criminal history. This was due to the time and expense involved in applying for a license, which in some cases includes completing required education and taking an examination.

For more info:

If you do not find what you are looking for in the TLC Massage School FAQs, please feel free to contact us directly with additional questions regarding the 500 Hour Massage Therapy training taught here at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School.