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The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Massage Therapy Continuing Education Approved Provider. Have a question about a workshop? Have a workshop you would like to present? Please contact the Workshop Registrar at (512) 374-9222 or

2021 Massage Therapy Continuing Education Workshops Calendar

10/08-10/2021 – Active Release Techniques® Upper Extremity Level 1 with Dr. Alesha Willis *Registration for this course is through ART®

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 16 CE hrs

Presented Online and In-Person at TLC School – $1350

Active Release Techniques® is designed to treat soft-tissue injuries and disorders through manual modalities offering specificity for individual soft-tissue structures. The psychomotor skill of touch directly correlates to successful and effective treatment. ART® is the only treatment method that utilizes effective, comfortable touch as its keystone.

Upper Extremity Level 1 Seminars offer extensive hands-on training of 60 manual treatment protocols with both online and in-person components.

10/17/2021 – Heel and Sole – Heal and Soul with David Lauterstein

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 6 CE hrs

Presented In-Person – $150

The feet are the foundation for our whole body and for our whole life!  Every therapist needs a thorough knowledge of all the muscles of the feet and techniques to address them. This class will give you that knowledge. David Lauterstein shares extensive anatomy knowledge and transformative massage techniques for the feet to create a therapeutic protocol to greatly benefit your clients.  If you take the class on a Sunday, that Monday you will have a new and tremendously effective therapeutic protocol for the feet.


10/27-11/01/2021 – Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Certification with Nicola McGill of Klose Training – FULL! Click here for waitlist information.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 45 CE hrs

– Presented In-Person – $1100

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a very effective yet gentle manual technique that is easy on the therapist’s body and well tolerated by even highly sensitive clients. MLD reduces swelling and detoxifies the skin and superficial fascia by promoting drainage within the superficial and deep systems of the lymph vascular network.

Instructor Nicola McGill establishes a supportive class environment in which you’ll learn anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and effective MLD sequences that can reduce swelling and other symptoms associated with: Post-surgical edema; soft-tissue injuries; rheumatoid arthritis; fibromyalgia; whiplash; migraine headaches; PTSD; anxiety disorders; mild, medically-uncomplicated lymphedema; and more!

11/6-7/2021 – Active Assisted Stretching For Upper & Lower Body With Ben Benjamin PhD

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 14 CE hrs

Presented In-Person – $350

This intensive, hands-on, two-day workshop teaches you a comprehensive, effective stretching protocol for the upper and lower body that can be performed on your clients in 50-60-minute sessions. Active Assisted Stretching (AAS) energizes the body, enhances the health of the tissues, increases flexibility, protects the body from injury, enhances the healing process, re-aligns the fascia and makes building strength more effective. AAS is especially good for athletes, the elderly, and the injured, and can also benefit the neurologically impaired. Add this full-body program to your practice as a stand-alone service, as a compliment to your client’s massage therapy session, or split into upper or lower body sessions that can be performed in under a half hour.


11/13-14/2021 – Structural Massage For The Knee: A Functional Approach With Marc Frazier

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 12 CE hrs

Presented In-Person – $300

There is more to chronic knee pain than merely “tight” quads or hamstrings. The knee is a load-bearing joint between the longest bones in the body. Both its structure and function are greatly affected by the mechanical relationships between the hips, ankles, and feet. The knee also reflects the way the weight of the pelvis and trunk are supported and carried by the lower limbs.

Learn to think around corners to truly help clients manage chronic knee conditions! This class teaches therapists how to consider the whole body when designing a massage plan by developing better observation and palpation skills. Learn to help create and implement a plan that will empower your client to manage their own body’s musculoskeletal health.

12/4-5/2021 – Precise Deep Tissue Techniques For The Muscles And Ligaments Of The Anterior, Lateral, And Posterior Neck

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 15 CE hrs

Presented In-Person – $350

The neck is a strong, vulnerable and complex structure. It is the most movable part of the spine, and yet is strong enough to balance and support the head, even with chronically poor posture. The neck is also one of the most common areas of client complaint, injury and dysfunction, and can be a challenging area to treat effectively. Skillful deep tissue work in this area is not about brute force; it’s about precision and strategy, informed by knowledge of the anatomical structures. It’s rare to find massage therapists who really know how to massage the neck in a precise, specific way–especially around the small muscular and ligamentous attachments–even though this is where the muscles and ligaments are most commonly frayed and/or inflamed.