Hydrotherapy also known as water therapy, is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.

Lauterstein-Conway’s hydrotherapy training adresses the theory and practical use of water of various temperatures, in solid, liquid and gaseous forms, for cleansing and vitalizing effects.

(Above: TLCschool students participate in cold water treading, a stimulating hydrotherapy technique in which the participant steps into a bucket of ice water and “treads” for 30-60 seconds).

In our hydrotherapy training students also learn contraindications and the specific physiological effects of the various hydrotherapy techniques, which include: dry brushing, herbal wrap, hot and cold applications and contrast baths.

Occassionally, classes are invited to participate in field trips to local resorts and day spas to see their hydrotherapy facilities. Advanced Hydrotherapy classes are taught through Lauterstein-Conway’s massage continuing education courses.

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