Pharmacology for Massage Therapists

Pharmacology for Massage Therapists

Online with Tara White

Sunday,  January 8, 2023


$160 - 6 CE's

About the Workshop:

Pharmacology for Massage Therapists will help you to understand how common drugs that your clients are taking can interact with massage therapy. We will discuss red and yellow flags brought up by specific medications and whole classes of drugs. We will also look at how you might want to modify your session design to allow your client’s pain medication to work with your therapy goals, not against them.

Because new drugs are being approved every day, we will discuss how to look up drugs that are new to you and give you the power to discern how those drugs might interact with massage therapy. You will be shown reputable sources of information about medications you will come across in your practice. We will cover how to identify which class a drug belongs to and how to assess what contraindications might arise from either the medications themselves or the conditions for which those medications are prescribed.

Having a solid understanding of how medications affect massage therapy is an essential skill for any massage therapist. If you have studied pharmacology through TLC, this course will deepen your understanding of this important topic.

headshot Tara White Massage Therapy Instructor

About the Instructor:


Tara White has been a licensed massage therapist since 1994 and a certified yoga instructor since 1997. She was a core instructor at The Lauterstein - Conway Massage School from 1997 to 2011. She helped to generate the pharmacology segment taught at the school.

The focus of her practice is injury rehabilitation and chronic pain management. Human kinesiology and postural alignment are one of her passions and she loves to apply this interest in her massage and yoga practice. She has extensive experience working with many different populations from elite athletes to the elderly. Tara is certified in prenatal massage and is a Reiki Master. Other modalities she has specialized in include Deep Massage the Lauterstein Method, Thai Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, myofascial release, sports massage, and many more.

Tara takes a holistic approach to bodywork believing that the shortest route to a higher quality of life is to address both the structural and energetic aspects of a person, facilitating their journey towards a balanced and pain-free life.