Polarity Balancing

with Maruti Seidman

Saturday & Sunday, March 2-3
$325 ($100 Deposit)
14 CE’s


**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

This workshop will give the student all of the skills necessary to begin to practice the gentle hands-on techniques of the energy based healing system called Polarity Balancing.

The workshop will provide the following:

  • General theory of how the subtle energy patterns called Nadis in Ayurvedic Medicine operate throughout the body.
  • A detailed discussion of the Five Elements of Ayurvedic Medicine called Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
  • What energy systems the five elements correspond to, where they are located throughout the body, how to balance each element with specific techniques, how to be successful in doing the work and how to prepare for a session.
  • In addition, there will be specific sessions taught to balance the nervous system, digestion and the heart and lungs.

Maruti-w-Hat1Maruti Seidman studied and taught Polarity Therapy at Heartwood College in Santa Cruz, California. He is certified to teach Energy Healing by the State of California in 1982 and founded Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, CA. Seidman is the author of A Guide to Polarity Therapy, Balancing the Chakras, The Whispers of Your Heart, Yoga and the I-Ching, Sacred, and The Foundation of Energy Healing. Seidman founded The Polarity Balancing Healing System. Since 1985 has conducted 1000 workshops throughout the USA, Canada and Central America. Has trained 25,000 students in Polarity Balancing.