Table Thai Massage

with Kimberly Sibilla

Fri – Sun, May 2-4, 2014
Friday: 7-10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm
17 CEs

$325 ($100 non-refundable Deposit)


**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

Traditional Thai massage is based on Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It focuses on opening up the 10 main meridians (energy pathways), or in Thai massage referred to as sen lines, by using gentle stretching combined with compression and acupressure. The effect is that it balances the meridians or “sen pathways”, the body’s structural frame and joints for a free flow of life force energy that allows the body to heal itself wherever needed.

Traditional Thai massage is fluid and dance-like and is done on a floor mat, requiring the practitioner to have a strong core and uninjured knees, rather than doing it on a table – one has more leverage and there is no need for any strain in any of the movements and in effect there is a meditative quality and stillness that permeates the session that is as healing for the giver as it is for the receiver.

This special workshop, however, will focus on applications of Thai massage to working at a table. This will help integrate the ideas and practice of Thai massage into many of the other modalities you may practice.

This workshop will teach you the foundations of Thai massage, applications to table-work, and how to work from your center (hara) and your heart, efficiently using your body and energy and also learning the proper angles and body placement so that you can get the most power without force. You will walk away with the tools and awareness needed to implement what you will learn from this workshop into your existing practice. Thai massage is the bridge between deep tissue and energy work and is a very profound and effective modality to offer your clients.

Kimberly Sibilla has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998 and is also a continuing education provider. After finishing massage school she built her practice right away and has worked continuously ever since. Her thirst for always wanting to deepen and expand her knowledge led her to study many different modalities of healing, naming a few: Lomi Lomi, shiatsu, deep tissue and Thai massage. After doing 3 workshops on Thai massage she discovered a profound affinity for this modality which inspired her to travel to Thailand and learn from the masters where it originated.

Kimberly is also certified to teach both sheng zhen gong ( qi gong) and Kundalini yoga. She is very passionate about practicing and teaching self care and healing. Kimberly has an extensive background in the performing arts: she is a singer and dancer and has 25 years of experience performing on the stage with many musicians and artists. She is currently performing with “The Djembabes” an all female African band, as a singer and “Bramaya” a west African ensemble as a dancer, singer and drummer. Kimberly has a passion for horses and has been taking English saddle, hunter jumper riding lessons. She is currently learning some horse massage techniques.

She loves to learn and discover the depth in that which she is focused on and is passionate about sharing it which comes through in her style of teaching. She is dedicated to being a focused and attentive teacher paying close attention to detail and the use of proper body mechanics making sure that all that attend her classes have walked away with something of value that can be implemented in many ways.