The Fascial System – Myofascial Release Techniques for the Spine

with Ritchie Mintz

Sunday, April 14
$125 ($60 deposit)
6 CE’s


**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

Fascia has a very special consistency to it. It is plastic. Plastic means neither liquid nor solid, more something in between like a thick gel. Plastic means that the body has the ability to change the density and the directions of its fibers according to the loads that are placed upon it. It is my experience that fascia is gloriously cooperative stuff when I speak its language. Speaking its language means to understand the nature of its plasticity. How do we speak to fascia? How do we speak to it and how do we listen to what it has to say to us? What is the language of fascia?

This special 1-day class with Certified Advanced Rolfer, Ritchie Mintz, explores the foundational ideas of Structural Integration in the physical terms of what the fascial body is plus how and why it gets into troubles with gravity. The question is then asked – Where in the fascial body is the entry point of the intervention? In this class, we play a series of “fascia games.” The goal of the games is to experience and appreciate the natural plasticity of the human body.

Structural integration is not a technique or series of techniques. It is a vision of the body’s design. SI is a thread of ideas that offers the tantalizing possibility that human body structure can achieve the evolution of millennia in ten hours.

Recommended reading:  Foundations of Structural Integration by Ritchie Mintz (available at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and through

Ritchie Mintz is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Rolfing Structural Integration. Trained at the Rolf Institute and expert in the field of human physical structure, he has 35 years experience straightening human frames and aligning bodies with gravity. Ritchie is the Founder and Director of the Texas School for Structural Integration, the first and only school in Texas teaching the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration. This school also teaches Balanced~Movement, a rare form of ancient wisdom about human movement and its relationship to structural alignment and balance. Ritchie is a veteran bodywork professional and an experienced educator. He brings humor and cheer to his unique and powerful work.