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2020 BMTs Prone

2020 BMTs Supine

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**Disclaimer: These videos are meant as supplementary material. The technique might not exactly match what is taught by your specific teacher.**

Ankle Mobilization with Gastrocnemius Compressions


Gluteal & Hamstring Compressions with Knee & Hip Mobilization

Ankle & Knee Mobilization with Plantar Compressions

Spinal Rotation & Release with Erector Compressions

Supine Hip Rotation with Leg Compressions

Unilateral Ribcage Compression and Mobilization AND Bilateral Upper Ribcage Compressions

Head & Neck Rotation with Posterior Cervical Compressions & Release

Shoulder Mobilization with Pectoral Compressions

Pulsing Hip Traction from the Ankle AND Hip Medial Rotation & Release from the Ankle

Prone Full Body Rocking Compressions

Shoulder Mobilization with Trapezius Compressions

Scapular Mobilization with Trapezius & Deltoid Compressions

Deltoid & Triceps Brachii Coarse Vibration

Alternating Scapular Depression with Trapezius Compressions

Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Mobilization