3 Steps to Receive a Great Massage

3 STEPS TO RECEIVE A GREAT MASSAGE – whether you are client or a student

It is amazing how many students come who attend massage school think they will learn to give massage. They often forget that they will be receiving massage as well. They go through a brief moment of surprise – “Oh, I didn’t think about how I’d receive a lot of massage too.” The good news is you receive as much as you give – in massage school, as in life! Receiving massage is how you learn the most about giving massage. It’s just like music study – you learn the most by closely listening. Three steps that will help you get a great massage.

1. Give well-thought out feedback at least two times during the session. If the work is excellent, tell the massage therapist. You might be surprised that you will get an even better massage, when the massage therapist is assured he or she is on the right track. If the work is not satisfying, do not be too worried about hurting the massage therapist’s feelings – be thoughtful, compassionate and find helpful words for your therapist. Give feedback as needed about the amount of pressure, the concentration you need or asked for, and anything else in the massage that you feel if changed will help you and the massage therapist have a more successful session.

2. Allow yourself to receive! Strange to say, but often we are more used to doing and giving in our lives, than in being and receiving. This balance is more important than ever. So, lying on the table, giving guidance as needed, allow yourself just to receive. Allow yourself to feel how good feeling good really feels.

3. Allow yourself to feel the pleasure of receiving care! Massage is the most pleasant form of medicine. Our society is of two minds about pleasure. On the one hand, we seek pleasure. On the other we feel a little funny about it. Research is revealing that pleasure is the best answer to pain – duh! We now know that receiving and feeling the pleasure of a good massage produces a cascade of chemical changes in the brain that result in more health to every organ and more nourishment to every single cell in your body.

Receiving high quality touch also quiets mental chatter and gives your emotions a chance to settle. Receiving massage brings you home to yourself. How wonderful that one of the most powerful remedies for pain and stress feels good and restores your energy and health!

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