5 reasons YOU should enroll in the afternoon massage program

1. Skip the morning traffic

The June afternoon class starts at 1:10pm, so that annoying morning traffic is nowhere to be seen. This means not only can you take your time getting to class, but you’ll arrive free of the stresses of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Could you ask for a more perfect way to begin each day of learning to help others relax?

2. AMAZING teachers

The instructors for the June afternoon class are John Conway (yes, from the name of the school!) and Bob Steine. Both of these instructors have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience that they want to pass on to you! Take this unique opportunity to learn from true experts in the field!

3. Beat the heat – enjoy air conditioning while starting your new career

We all know how hot Texas Summers are… why not escape that heat in comfy air conditioned classrooms while you get a jumpstart on a new career. While everyone else is sweating outside, you’ll be cool and well on your way to a fulfilling career as a Massage Therapist!

4. Flexible, part-time program to fit into work/life schedule

This program is perfect for those with life obligations because it is part time. You’ll only be going to class 3 afternoons a week while in school. This means time for work, play, friends, family, and maybe even a little studying!

5. Graduate in less than a year and start that new career!

In fact… it’s only 9 months! You get all the benefits of a flexible, part-time schedule while still finishing in under a year – how amazing is that?


Start your new career as a Massage Therapist today!
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