6 Signs You Should be a Massage Therapist


1. 9 to 5 job just isn’t for you

You like a flexible work schedule where you can choose your hours. Massage therapy is the perfect fit – you can work as little or as much as you want at the hours you choose. You won’t be sitting at a desk all day – you will be working with people, helping them to feel better.


2. You like working with your hands

Massage therapy is a career that lets you directly interact with people and help them. How do you do this? With your hands! And elbows. And forearms. You get the satisfaction of feeling muscles release and knowing the relief this will give your clients.


3. You want to be your own boss

There are so many different environments to work in as a Massage Therapist. More and more are creating their own business and becoming their own boss. You get to make all the decisions – hours, location, specialty. You get to take control of your own professional life!


4. You like working in a low stress environment

Massage therapy is all about relieving stress and encouraging relaxation. Working as a Massage Therapist gives you the opportunity to be in this environment for the working hours of your day. As you help clients relax, you also relax.


5. You are curious by nature and constantly want to learn

The human body is complicated and amazing. As a Massage Therapist you will constantly be learning new techniques, specialties, and skills. You will never be bored or lacking in new knowledge to learn.


6. You like helping people

Massage Therapy is all about helping people. You help them relieve tension in their muscles. You help them feel more connected with their body. You help them relax and de-stress from their everyday life. Nothing is more rewarding than when you have a client come off your table remarking how much better they feel after the massage!


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