7 Ways Getting Manual Lymph Drainage Certified Will Help Your Practice

Updated February 5, 2018

By Reid Peterson, MA, CMT
Director of Continuing Education at Klose Training

Klose Training has been providing certification courses in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for almost 10 years. Our certification is based on the Vodder technique, and we ensure that our students thoroughly understand the science and applications of the modality.

The #1 question we’re asked from people interested in getting certified is “how will this benefit my practice?” This question is so important that we wrote this article to provide a clear answer.

Every therapist will benefit from getting MLD certified in unique ways because the dynamics of every job are different. However, there are some recurring themes for getting MLD certified that our students share when they complete the course. Some of the ways therapists can benefit from getting MLD certified are:

  • Using the technique as an adjunct therapy for clients/patients who have been injured.
  • MLD Massaging oncology patients who prefer a sense of lighter touch.
  • Treating patients who have had surgery and now have edema (swelling).
  • Helping people who are in hospice.
  • Massaging people who are in palliative care units at hospitals and other clinics.
  • Understanding indications and contraindications to better serve clients of a general population.
  • Adding another tool to apply to clients who receive Swedish or relaxation massage.
  • And many more!


Even our instructor, Nicola McGill, says she uses MLD in every massage session she does. (Nicola averages doing 25 massages a week.)

Getting MLD certified can help benefit your massage practice in so many ways. It’s worth it to get certified. The knowledge and skills you acquire help create opportunities to better serve current clients/patients and also attract new ones who need your care.

Want to know more? Register for the Manual Lymph Drainage Certification Workshop at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School.