8 Places a Massage Therapist Can Work

Some professions have you in a cubicle your whole life.  Others have just one track you can take.  But Massage Therapy is different!  It’s a personally fulfilling career.  You get to help others and you get to work in so many different environments.

  1. 11.01.KayciabackMassage Centers – the popularity of businesses like Massage Envy, Massage Harmony, and Massage Heights have made receiving massage very accessible to everyone.  They are often a great way to start your career as a jumping off point.
  2. Holistic/Alternative Healthcare Clinics – Many therapists enjoy the fun and stimulating atmosphere of being in a group practice alongside acupuncturists, psychotherapists, yoga teachers, and other complementary health professionals.
  3. Day Spa/Resort – These range from the neighborhood spa to fancy spas in local hotels and resorts.  These can be very lucrative.
  4. Destination Resorts – Fun!  You can work in spas around the world.  We see therapists who have enjoyed working in Germany, Mexico, England, Brazil, Japan, France, Spain, and Italy.  Travel and do what you love!
  5. Chair Massage/on-site locations /corporate wellness programs  Chair massage has brought massage and the benefits of stress reduction into almost any work setting.  From large corporations like Google, Apple, and Dell Computer to small start-ups, massage is being used to foster a healthier and more creative work environment.
  6. Medical Settings More and more therapists are beginning to work with hospitals – oncology massage is becoming a recognized subspecialty.  Therapists who have learned orthopedic and structural bodywork are working alongside chiropractors, physical therapists, and other high level medical professionals.
  7. Fitness Centers/ Gyms and Athletic Departments – Sports massage has become an integral part of working out and training for many people.   It is so exciting to work in the fitness context whether with weekend warriors or high-end professionals.
  8. Private practice–  Many therapists long term goals are to work for themselves!  This gives you the most freedom to see the widest variety of people and the greatest income potential.