1. Start a career you will LOVE by Spring 2016!

The October Evening Class is a 6 month program. This means you can start your new career as a Massage Therapist in April 2016!

2. Learn from a great instructors, Christopher Fritel & Gretchen Cole

Our teachers are all extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping students become the best Massage Therapists they can be! You can learn more about the October Evening Class instructors, Christopher Fritel & Gretchen Cole, by clicking here for his Q&A and here for her Q&A.

3. Class is only 4 days a week – keep your weekends for yourself!

Since class is Monday – Thursday, you are still able to use your weekends for relaxation, errands, fun, or studying!

4. You can keep your current job while going to school for your new career!

You can keep the security of having a job while you go to school for a new career as a Massage Therapist because class is only in the evenings!

5. Massage Jobs are BOOMING! Take advantage NOW!

Massage therapy jobs are growing in Austin and around the country. Don’t believe it? Check out our Job Board filled with job opportunities in Austin!

6. End your work day with massage 4 days a week!

Every day you will not only learn Anatomy or Physiology, but you will work on your massage skills. This means a massage almost EVERY DAY you are in class!

7. You’re not a morning person (or just hate rush hour traffic)

Class starts at 6pm which means you won’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to class on time! Avoid that pesky Austin traffic and be wide awake for class!

8. This is the last Evening Class of 2015! Don’t miss out!

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