A Study of Bodywork: A look under the hood

by Marc Frazier

When I first found out about the introductory cadaver class at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Texas State, I was elated!

I even told a client I was working with about it– of course, she looked at me like I had bugs crawling out of my ears!

I guess that’s a normal reaction for someone who’s not a massage therapist. I would imagine most people would find that sort of thing unpleasant, but I know better.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time doing cadaver work and consider it among the best training I’ve ever received!

For me, the difference dissection work has made in my skill set is akin to the difference an auto mechanic might find between only reading about engines versus actually getting a chance to open the hood and understand how the thing really works.

I also know I can always count on leaving the class with more questions than I went in with — and even more curiosity and excitement! When you observe the inner working of the body through cadavers, you come up with questions you might not have otherwise.

Cadaver work always changes one’s perspective – you’ll never see the body the same way again.

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