“BMT” – Body Mobilization Techniques – were collected and refined by Robert King, the founder of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy, in the early 1980’s. For many years, Bob came down to The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and taught one great workshop after another. The founders of our school, John and David, were both early students of Bob’s. One of our earliest instructors, Marc Frazier took many classes with Bob and eventually ended up being his assistant instructor. In turn Marc shared with TLC instructor, Kevin Graef, the full range of BMT techniques and their enhanced client outcomes. They will be jointly teaching this fantastic workshop: http://www.tlcschool.com/continuing-education/upcoming-ce-workshops/body-mobilization-techniques/

BMT techniques attempt to unwind prohibiting tissue abnormalities which restrict joint movement – not only the end ranges of movement but the quality of joint motion as well. BMT uniquely combines movement, stretches and trigger point work. Adding this dynamic massage and movement approach to their work will give therapists vastly improved therapeutic results:

1. Pain free range of motion is established.
2. Gentle “distracted” stretching offers a restoration and
improvement of movement.
3. Factors of limitation are elicited and clinically identified.
4. Pain-spasm-pain syndrome can be interrupted.
5. Muscle imbalances can be palpated and chronic spasticity
6. Movement is the methodology as well as the goal of treatment.
7. Protocol and individualized future session designs are

The BMT approach is massage therapy in its classic sense: evaluating, testing, moving, probing and palpating, eliciting specific responses with appropriate techniques and modalities.

Many of the BMT techniques were also part of “Swedish gymnastics” going back to the early nineteenth century in Sweden. Pehr Henrik Ling, considered the founder of modern massage, taught these techniques particularly for people who due to illness or injury could not themselves exercise certain areas. These passive exercises he therefore called “Medical” or “Remedial Gymnastics”. This was the case even for early therapists in the U.S. who did not call themselves massage therapists – rather they advertised as “Medical Gymnasts”!  It is from this great tradition of movement and massage that Bob King evolved his approach of Body Mobilization Techniques.

Sadly Bob passed away 3 years ago.  It is an honor to carry on his legacy.  It is in homage to this tradition, that Marc Frazier and Kevin Graef are passing it on to therapists for the benefits of all receivers of healing touch.