Exploring the ‘CARE’ aspect of Healthcare

I became a massage therapist because I couldn’t think of another job I could do that felt more meaningful.  It was super-important for me to find work I could respect, feel good about, and find fascinating.

Learning massage and its related subjects adds not only to your professional life but also to you as a person. In the course of training at our massage school you work on each other a number of times each week.  Imagine getting at least two massages each week!  We really explore the “care” aspect of healthcare.  Massage, more than any other form of medicine, uses the most powerful tool there is for expressing care – touch.  And in the course of the training you learn as much about self-care as about how to care for others.

Each of us needs help with our stress in work and in our everyday lives.  Over the years here we’ve learned so much about the effects of stress on one’s body, physiology, mind and emotions.

Incredibly, 75 to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments. Massage is the most stressing-reducing form of healthcare.  This means your work makes an enormous difference in people’s lives.

And it makes an enormous difference in your life to be learning about something that makes a difference and that enables you to spend your waking hours doing something that makes you and others feel good.

~David Lauterstein

For more information on attending The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School go to Massage Therapy Training Program.