Financial Aid Resources: What You Should Know Before You Take on Student Loans

Financial aid has helped thousands and thousands of student-hopefuls just like you achieve their academic dreams and go on to successful careers.But if you’ve listened to the news for even one minute, you know that many of those students are burdened by their student loans well into their working years.

Student Loans are Still Loans

If you’re concerned about how to pay for school and what using financial aid may mean for your future, this quick video is for you.

Have questions about how to pay for massage school specifically? Our admissions staff understands your concerns. And we do have a solution.

There Are Alternatives to Student Long-Term Debt

We support you in deciding how to pay for your education in a way that is manageable and responsible. We do not want to see graduates saddled unnecessarily with many years of debt payments. We are proud that we have, for thirty years, provided our students with alternatives.

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