How Zero Balancing work will benefit your clients!

The Advanced Program at Lauterstein-Conway begins with Zero Balancing. The reason for this is Zero Balancing is a revolutionary touch therapy approach that works with the entire musculoskeletal system. It will result in your work immediately having greater clinical benefits for your clients.

  1. 11.01.zb-resized-600Zero Balancing focuses on the skeletal aspect of the musculo-skeletal system. If you address only the muscle tissues in your work, you are missing the other half of the musculo-skeletal system.
  2. ZB uses deep touch and gentle joint manipulations derived from ZB founder Fritz Smith, MD’s knowledge and practice of osteopathy, Rolfing, and acupuncture. This work feels GREAT to clients and reduces stress and strain for the practitioner.
  3. ZB engages soft tissue, bones and ligaments through the use of fulcrums created through touch to systematically promote the relaxation response in the nervous system.
  4. ZB also helps massage therapists bring more awareness to the quality of contact with each client.
  5. With ZB, massage therapists complete their ability to positively affect the whole body.
  6. Problems are often lying in “foundation joints” – these joints and their ligaments are among the structures Zero Balancing focuses on. Foundation joints are those most fundamental to our balance – e.g. tarsal bones, the sacro-iliac joint, the intervertebral joints. These critically need to be addressed to get more complete therapeutic benefit.
  7. Zero Balancing adds the super-important element of advanced assessment and observation skllls. To deliver great therapeutic benefits requires a much higher level of assessment skill, both through palpation and observation.
  8. Zero Balancing conveys how to contact the nervous system and the body’s energy in addition to rigorously contacting the myofascial system. For advanced benefits, ultimately we need to take advantage of the fact that relaxation flows to the body from the nervous system. Ultimately, unless we contact the mind, the benefits of tissue work are limited. Good clinical work always takes both the mind and the body into account. Otherwise the work is not sufficiently individualized.

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