Hydrotherapy – You Are Mostly Water!

hydrotherapy When we think of massage we visualize moving our hands over the skin.  But is it really just skin and muscles that we are working on?

At TLC our unique approach to hydrotherapy recognizes something that we sometimes overlook.  60% of the human body is water!  64% of the skin is water!! (Interestingly about 71% of the earth is covered by water!)  In any case then, when you’re doing massage, and especially hydrotherapy – since we are mostly water, you are working mostly on water!!

When clients hold tension in their body, that tightness, like a sponge that’s been squeezed, impedes circulation – the free flow of water inside of us.  Hydrotherapy and massage together provide tremendously important re-hydration for the client.  We open up tight places to circulatory refreshment; we amplify health in a very powerful and unique way!

Our bones float in the body in rhythmic currents created by the body’s constant rhythms of breath, heartbeat, lymphatic circulation, digestion, and cerebrospinal fluid.  Our freeing the rhythmic movement of water within us is key to health.

At our school this understanding of the central role of water in our life, informs our unique curriculum.  The TLC approach gives you inspiration and practical skills to integrate hydrotherapy and massage therapy in a way that is really easy to deliver to your clients.

This gives you a context to have important “add-ons” which amplify your menu of services – resulting not only in better health for your clients also in more income for you.

Let’s hear it for hydrotherapy!