By David Lauterstein

Whether you are a therapist, an educator, a business person, or, a politician, if you let money be your first priority you are making a mistake. Money does not make us happy.

“Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo.” -Groucho Marx

As Groucho says, when it’s overvalued or sneakily dominates our consciousness, then love flies out the door.

Image courtesy of Tablet Magazine

Jesus reportedly said, “God is Love.” Can you imagine him saying, “God is money?”

I don’t mean to put down the necessity of earning a good living. But if your heart isn’t in your work, what kind of living is it?

This is what keeps me sustained – as an educator and therapist and school owner – love of people and their infinite capacity to learn and to care for each other.

We see the results of a world overly organized around profit and inflamed over the inevitable loss of love that accompanies that priority.

I hope our profession and every single person starts re-valuing compassion and the fulfillment that comes from caring about other people and oneself. That’s the way. Ultimately people are the source even of wealth in the bank, but more importantly of wealth in the soul.

This is one reason why I believe massage therapy is a complete and honest profession.  It makes caring for others and oneself the very first priority.  This is why it is the “first resort” for many physical symptoms and for stress – because we, at our best, are a profession that prioritizes health and care and, let’s not be afraid to say it, love.

~ David Lauterstein