Meet TLC Massage Therapy Instructor: Natalie Meyersick

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The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School Alumni and Massage Therapy Instructor, Natalie Meyersick LMT, MTI, CCT, CMLDT, shares her enthusiasm for educating and inspiring the next group of future LMTs. When she’s not in the classroom, Natalie, runs her own private practice, Kinetic Temple Massage Therapy. She is also very passionate about and committed to lifelong learning. As a Massage Therapy In...
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Four Things to Develop In Your Massage Therapy Practice

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MASSAGE THERAPY IS A PRACTICE - NOT JUST A PROFESSION By David Lauterstein To do massage therapy genuinely, requires the cultivation of virtue. And to accomplish that requires some discipline and practice. Like yoga, fine arts, and meditation, massage works as a practice. These deeper practices have many things in common. Perhaps most important is that the practice not only works in the world, ...
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Work For Yourself: Five Benefits of a Mobile Massage Practice

benefits of a moblie massage practice work for yourself
The Out-call Business Model Can Benefit the Massage Therapist and Client, Alike, In Many Ways If you want to work for yourself after massage school, or if you are already a practicing massage therapist who wants to shift the focus their massage career, consider the many benefits of a mobile massage practice. Here are five: 1. Earn a Higher Income with Mobile Massage 2. Save Money Offering ...
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Are You Considering a Career Change? Consider Massage.

Superb writing from Keith Eric Grant, reprinted here with the author's permission, that discusses some of the many advantages and benefits of a career in massage therapy. Originally published in Massage Today, October, 2001, Vol. 01, Issue 10. -David Lauterstein The Life It Brings By Keith Eric Grant, PhD, NCTMB "Human beings live in bodies and they live in language. When I work with someone,...
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By David Lauterstein Whether you are a therapist, an educator, a business person, or, a politician, if you let money be your first priority you are making a mistake. Money does not make us happy. “Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo.” -Groucho Marx As Groucho says, when it’s overvalued or sneakily dominates our consciousness, then love flies out the door. Image courtesy of ...
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Massage Therapy in the Health and Wellness Industry

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Massage is Often Thought About as a “Part-time Gig,” but For Most Therapists, It’s Not… With massage therapy, you can have a meaningful, part-time side gig or rich, full-time career in the wellness industry. If you are interested in a future in healthcare, massage therapy is a practical option for this reason. Watch this. Massage As A Journey Into the Wellness Industry Though the initial...
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Grad Stories: Every Day is a Learning Day

A Letter From a Massage School Alum, Cassandra De Anda I am excited and proud to say that I am a Lauterstein-Conway Massage School alumni. I graduated in July of 2016. At the time I was attending massage school I was also finishing my Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training at Texas State University. As my two graduations approached I started thinking of possible job position that I thought wo...
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Massage Careers: Work For Yourself

You Can Work for Yourself as a Self-Employed Massage Therapist Have you ever wanted to work for yourself? Be your own boss? Make your own work schedule? One of the benefits of a career in massage therapy is sheer number and variety of opportunities you have perform bodywork. Some licensed massage therapists (LMTs) choose to specialize over the lifetime of their careers and some have a practice...
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The Secret Why Massage Clients Make Successful Massage Therapists

You’ve Been Only a Massage Enthusiast…Until Now. After nearly 30 years in this business, we have uncovered many truths about massage therapy that only people who run both a massage school and a massage clinic can discover. It’s about love. Confucius wrote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” And in our experience, this holds true. One of the biggest truths we'v...
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Massage Careers: Spa & Resort Massage Therapist

One of the benefits of a career in massage therapy is the number and variety of opportunities you have perform bodywork. Some licensed massage therapists (LMTs) choose to specialize over the lifetime of their careers and some have a practice that ranges in every way possible. In this series we will discuss the range of environments, specifically, in which you can practice massage therapy. The p...
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