Meet TLC Massage Therapy Instructor: Natalie Meyersick

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School Alumni and Massage Therapy Instructor, Natalie Meyersick LMT, MTI, CCT, CMLDT, shares her enthusiasm for educating and inspiring the next group of future LMTs.

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When she’s not in the classroom, Natalie, runs her own private practice, Kinetic Temple Massage Therapy. She is also very passionate about and committed to lifelong learning.

As a Massage Therapy Instructor, Natalie is continually pursuing opportunities for growth both professionally and individually. Certified in Cupping Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, she continues to expand her vast knowledge in advanced modalities including Cadaver Anatomy, ChairMassage, LomiLomi ‘Hawaiian Temple Bodywork’, and Prenatal & Perinatal Therapy with Carole Osborne (currently pursuing certification).

She has garnered extensive career experience in several high-end spas, resorts, and massage clinics to share with her students as well.

Prior to a career in massage therapy, Natalie came from a corporate hospitality/events/logistics background. In addition to massage therapy mastery, Natalie, brings business organization, client management, and adult education/training experience to the TLC classroom.

“I’m excited to be a part of the TLC family and hope to be a resource for your journey into massage therapy!” Natalie Meyersick

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” - Margaret Atwood

Q&A with TLC Massage Therapy Instructor: Natalie Meyersick

Q: Why did you decide to become a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy changed the way I lived in and felt about my body. It was a big part of my overall healing journey. I also had a full-time corporate career that was good but never really satisfying for me. My LMT at the time inspired me to consider the field and when I looked into it it felt right plus ultimately it was far more accessible than any other area of study that interested me at the time. It’s definitely been one of the best decisions of my adult life and I’m so grateful for the journey that’s let me down this path.

Q: Why do you think Massage Therapy is so important?

Touch is the one sense we cannot live without. In many ways I think our culture has made it easier to feel and become more disconnected, from each other, ourselves, our bodies, so Massage Therapy can be a powerful way to reconnect and heal on many levels. I also believe there’s some ritual magic in so many of the things we do and Massage Therapy taps into that too, the power of someone just caring deeply for another person in an intentional space. I love it!

Q: Do you have a favorite modality? If so, what is it?

I love so much of the work and always blend everything I know. While it’s not the focus of my practice, Lomi Lomi was definitely one of the most heart-opening modalities I’ve learned and has had a huge impact on my style in any session. I’ve also fallen in love with Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and find working with the lymphatic system fascinating. Personally, I also love receiving Thai massage and hope to study and integrate more of that work into my own practice moving forward.

Q: What is your approach to teaching Massage Therapy?

I bring a lot of honesty, accountability, and humor into my class. I’m all about the journey and personal growth so I’m really excited to get to support that process for new students.

Q: What has been your favorite experience as an instructor at TLC Massage School?

I absolutely loved teaching the hydrotherapy classes since that’s such a big part of my day-to-day in a spa.

Q: Do you have any advice for new students?

I think it’s hugely important to really take the time to block out your schedule to ensure time for class, study, practice, and your usual life demands. Also taking some time to consider your challenges (real or potential) and resources. What might your biggest challenges be? What are the ways you can prevent those from getting in your way? What and who are your resources for support? And what can you do in the event of something happening? Putting in a little time to work this out so you have some strategies and boundaries in place can be really helpful. The other biggest piece I say is to remember the power of “yet”, you’re not yet a therapist but you will be, you don’t know all these techniques but you will. Allowing for the process of growing, learning, and failure which can be challenging at times.

Q: What is your favorite color?


Q: What is your favorite food?

Oooh I love all the foods! I cannot help but put tacos and pizza at the top of that list though 🙂

Interested in more information on start dates, tuition, and enrollment requirements? 500hr The Lauterstein-Conway Massage Therapy Training Program 

TLC Massage Therapy Instructor: Natalie Meyersick